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November 2010

Green Money, Turning Red...

Nov 19, 2010 5:00 AM
Scott Thompson

Energy minister Dwight Duncan said yesterday that we’re all getting a 10% rebate on our hydro bills over the next 5 years.
Except they’re also going to jack rates through the roof by 46%.

Opposition parties say it’s and election ploy, the Liberals say it’s to pay for going green.
Like most Canadians, I’m all for being green and leaving a small foot print.

But it’s the lack of transparency that has me seeing red?

Where is this money going? Is it the right direction? Do they know what the best energy solutions are?
The wind turbine issue in Glambrook is a good example. Citizens simply want more information.

Projects like this have to be implemented over long periods of time, be safe, environmentally and fiscally sound.
Not in a snap with less than a year to go before an election and on the heels of a recession.

In other words, money is even tighter and governments have to be even more responsible with our funds and where & who it is going to.

As millions fly out the door into opportunistic green hands, I’m still not convinced this isn’t just another investment in red politics,,,not the environment.

I’m Scott Thompson


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  Nov 20, 2010 14:40PM
Katrina Harvey

--- unrealated, i just heard you on the debaters(cbc) and I love you so much, I grew up watching kids in the hall, if you werent gay I'd marry you:)

  Jan 27, 2011 22:05PM
Scott Thompson

I'm the hetrosexual Scott Thompson who is in radio.  Not the one from the Kids in the Hall.

Thanks anyway, but I'm married!


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