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October 2010

Same Old Team, Just a Player Shuffle...

Oct 26, 2010 5:00 AM
Scott Thompson

The best analogy I heard last night in regard to the Hamilton’s municipal election was one of sport.
The same old team, just the shuffling of a couple of players and coach!

The winds of change blew in one end of Hamilton and right out the other last night, failing to offer up little more than the same old, same old.
12 of the 15 councilors are back. That includes just 3 new faces and mayor that was a councilor.

So you must have blamed all of Hamilton’s woes on the last Mayor?

More of you voted this time than the last election but not many more.
What are the rest of you up to? Is your city not worth getting off the couch for?

The Non-Incumbent Councilor Campaign was designed to get you thinking about your city.
I’m not sure if it did that.

One thing I am sure of.
The Incumbents certainly wore down a bit more shoe leather this time out.

Now let’s hope this same old team can garnish better results from a new coach.
Hmmm. What do you think?

I’m Scott Thompson


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1 Comment

  Oct 26, 2010 14:40PM

It should be illegal to not vote ---- absolutely.  You are not participating as a citizen in our community but you want garbage collection, you want recycling changed, you want lower taxes but you don't want to VOTE!!!

You are so right Scott.  40% of Hamilton citizens are making the decisions for 100 % of Hamilton activities.  They are lazy and apathetic. Thank you for saying this and if we say this every day, maybe we can make them feel guilty....It is not only a right...

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