June 2014

No need to fight, just bite!

Jun 25, 2014 5:00 AM
Scott Thompson

Just when you thought the World Cup was really becoming about the play another ugly incident in the beautiful game.

Italy and Uruguay were battling it out yesterday through most of which was a scoreless tie.

When Uruguay's Luis Suarez, appeared to bite Italian defender Giorgio Chiellini on the shoulder.

The official missed the chomp even though he was showed the aftermath.  No penalty.

Apparently the Uruguay player is known for his hunger of human flesh and has gnawed on a few players.

Perhaps the pregame meals are not what they used to be.

Sport is highly competitive and brings out the animal in all of us, but to bite.

What’s next to drag your rear end along the field.

Remember what we thought of Mike Tyson when he nibbled the ear of Evander Holyfield?

Hockey is beginning to look like the choir.

I’m Scott Thompson.


Wednesday on The Scott Thompson Show!
Is the Caledonia blockade finally coming down? What does it mean?
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Signs, signs, everywhere is signs...

Jun 24, 2014 5:00 AM
Scott Thompson

Have you ever been driving along a U.S. interstate and off in the distance, peaking over the trees, you see a giant gas station sign that seems as tall as the CN Tower?

You think you’re only a short distance from the rest stop but it turns out its still miles away because the sign is as big as a house.

Mobile, Texaco, South of the Border, Stuckys home of the pecan log. 

I remember on our annual car trip to Myrtle Beach us kids would try to guess how long before we would arrive at the location after spotting the sign.

Although it has taken decades for the city to come up with a Welcome to Hamilton sign it has taken no time for the Ticats to get going on the giant moniker that will tan the QEW from the Woodward Avenue treatment plant.

Since one of the major reasons they wanted a new stadium was because of a bad location no one could find, perhaps lighting the way will inspire those to finally travel into the residential area like moths to a bug zapper.

At one time we had no Hamilton signs, soon it will be a race to see which one is finished first.

My how things have changed, or have they.

I’m Scott Thompson.


Tuesday on The Scott Thompson Show!
Premier Kathleen Wynne will announce her new cabinet today.  Are you listening?
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Quebec jail breakers caught

Jun 23, 2014 5:00 AM
Scott Thompson

We heard over the weekend the three bad guys involved in that daring Quebec prison escape have been recaptured.

They temporarily experienced freedom after a helicopter touched down within the facilities walls in a daring maneuver only seen in the movies, or Quebec.

We learned that the day before the break out a judge had ordered an easing of restrictions on the prisoners, removing their shackles when outside their cells the day before their escape, allowing them to run to the helicopter.

Apparently the judge was rewarding their good behaviour despite the trio’s charges of gangsterism and murder.

Even police warned them they had suspicion of a break out.

Detention centre guards could only watch as they are not armed.

This, again, raises the question of how we seem to give more rights to prisoners than we do the public.

Either these conditions are not strict enough or the corruption in the province is worse than we thought.

I’m Scott Thompson.


Monday on The Scott Thompson Show!
The Burlington Pier is built but the litigation continues.
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PC's make Hudak walk the plank!

Jun 20, 2014 5:00 AM
Scott Thompson

The Progressive Conservatives are making Tim Hudak walk the plank.

After his poor showing in the election about half of his caucus wants his head to roll now, not after the pomp and circumstance of a leadership convention.

That’s too good for a man whose, ‘cut 100,000 jobs’ campaign was chewed up and spat back in the face of PC’s.

Many political types have commented that this really serves no purpose since Hudak announced he’s leaving and not much can be done until a new leader is chosen. 

Now they have to find an interim, instead of letting it run its course.

Does the public care?

No, they’re electioned out.

It appears more like sour grapes, and a someone has to pay mentality, for this party that now seems in disarray.

But does this help the ‘big meanie’ image the Conservatives are trying to soften??

It might be best to keep this sword fight off the main deck.

Besides, the ship has sailed.

I’m Scott Thompson.


Friday on The Scott Thompson Show!
Over 30,000 voters declined their ballot in the last election.  Did it matter?
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Forget the Steel City, Welcome to Hemp City!

Jun 19, 2014 5:00 PM
Scott Thompson

When the new ‘Welcome to Hamilton’ sign finally arrives on the outskirts of town, will it read, “Welcome to Hamilton, where pot is the new steel!”?

If the medical marijuana industry takes off like some think it will, it may very well be.

Health Canada is getting ready to award selected private companies the honour of growing the government’s bud, now that they have announced they don’t want you growing your own.

Of course, there is no money in that for them.

This means big tax dollars for Hamilton who has seen a few growers interested in the old industrial core buildings.

Wednesday council will vote to rezone the area, medical pot can only be grown in agricultural approved areas.

Lots are betting the farm on this thinking if it is eventually legalized, and sold to the public; this will be the method of production and distribution, very similar to the Beer Store or LCBO.

If that happens Hamilton could be a great position to strike gold.

Security officials say industrial areas are better than remote rural locations and pose no threat to surrounding neighbourhoods, noting there are factories in the area that produce way more lethal drugs.

So forget the Steel City, think more along the lines of, Hemp City!

I’m Scott Thompson.


Thursday on The Scott Thompson Show!
Hudak leaving July 2. Half his caucus want him out now. Surprised?
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Hamilton's one step forward, two steps back...

Jun 18, 2014 5:00 AM
Scott Thompson

This week we found out that Glenn De Caire will stay on as Hamilton’s Police Chief.

I think it is good news.  Why?

Because I have yet to hear a valid reason why he shouldn’t.

Yes he did request his retirement but people and situations change.

His performance speaks for itself.

The only reason I have heard for letting him go was personality issues between members of the board and council.

Who cares? Be professional and learn to work for the common cause, our city.

I would rather have someone who sticks their neck out for the cause, than the softie status quo who accomplish little, other than protecting their job.

In fact, many would say that has been the problem with Hamilton over the last few years.

All talk and no action, of any value.

We’ve seen this lack of leadership time and time again with everything from a stadium in a bad location to LRT that does not connect to a major transit hub (like GO).

Here’s hoping this decision will signal an end in Hamilton of ‘one step forward, two steps back’.

I’m Scott Thompson.


Wednesday on The Scott Thompson Show!
The Feds approve the Northern Gateway Pipeline, but will it ever get built?
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We could learn alot from the World Cup, if they only got it right...

Jun 17, 2014 5:00 AM
Scott Thompson

Have you been watching any of the world cup soccer from Brazil, other that the demonstrations of citizens, you see on the 6pm news?

I’m certainly not an expert on the game and have never had the opportunity to watch the big boys play live.

You don’t have to, to know that soccer fans’ not only match hockey fans for their passion, they surpass it on a world wide scale.

Remember the Voo-Voo-Zuela?

It truly is a beautiful game.

I wish I could say the same for the officiating, or whatever rule book determines the outcome of a game.

When watching the highlights last weekend the first thing I saw was another uproar over two goals that were scored and disallowed due to calls that video proved to be wrong.

No bodies perfect. But this is ongoing issue at this event.

How can a sport that is this big, not get it right? Can you imagine if the NFL was as bad?

In today’s world, it’s unacceptable.

It’s not about keeping old traditions in sport, it’s about eliminating the suspicion of anything other than full credibility.

When you think about the state of the world right now, it would be a good lesson that only sport can provide, and a great example to follow.

I’m Scott Thompson.


Tuesday on The Scott Thompson Show!
Glenn De Caire speaks. Hamilton police chief gets to stay.
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Happy Father's Day Dad!

Jun 16, 2014 5:00 AM
Scott Thompson

Being a father has many rewards.

There is no greater thrill in life then watching someone you have produced and nurtured, grow and reach their full potential.

It’s a never ending task that sometime comes with little recognition and lots of aggravation.

You have to be a role model, strong leader, teacher, supporter,  provider, disciplinary, coach,  confidant, driver ,hero, and I’m sure I have left out many other important duties.

Including sometimes being a mother.

Most importantly you have to be there for them 24/7 and provide the comfort and security for them to flourish and become contributing members of society, who will in turn, do the same for the next generation.

But in the end you have to get used to being last on the list ….as there are many other important issue that need tending to before you.

Father’s Day is the day when you get rewarded with the love and attention that sometimes gets lost in everyday life.

But that’s okay because most Dads wouldn’t have it any other way.

Is there anything better than Father’s Day..?

Other than of course…Mother’s Day.

Great work Dad’s!

I’m Scott Thompson.


Monday on The Scott Thompson Show!
Hamilton police chief wants to stay.  Should we keep him?
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Election about who you didn't want, rather than who you did...

Jun 13, 2014 5:00 AM
Scott Thompson

The Liberals won a majority last night in the provincial election.

Clearly billions of dollars in scandal with cancelled power plants, soaring electricity bills, bloated public sector, eHealth, and Ornge helicopters didn’t resonate with voters.

Which raises the question, what does resonate?

The minute I heard Tim Hudak say he would cut 100,000 public service jobs I got shivers down my spine, as did Ontario. 

Not because of fiscal responsibility, that some union leaders agreed with, but because I knew it would scare our caudled Ontario who avoid the truth for comfort.

Hudaks handlers thought honesty would win, but instead it was used against him.

This was more a case of voting against Hudak, rather than voting for Kathleen Wynne.

It wasn’t about who you wanted, but who you didn’t.

So it was no surprise after the result Hudak announced his resignation.

He couldn’t beat McGuinty and couldn’t beat Wynne, when both should have been easy.

It will be very interesting to see what Ontario looks like in 4 years under a Liberal majority when the support of another party is not needed and they are left to spend wildly.

I hope I won’t be saying, ‘I told you!’

I’m Scott Thompson.


Friday on The Scott Thompson Show!
Are you concerned about a Liberal majority, post McGuinty? Surprised?
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It's your civic duty to vote

Jun 12, 2014 5:00 AM
Scott Thompson

Today is Election Day in Ontario, the polls will be open until 9pm tonight.

Lots are saying there could be a low voter turnout.

Here’s hoping this message helps to change some of that.

Many have said they don’t like any candidate or party and as a result will not show.

Let me ask you this question.

When was the last time you saw a candidate that had you excited about voting?

When was the last time you saw a candidate that make you spring to your feet on Election Day and say, “I can’t wait to vote!”

You never have, and chances are, you never will.

So enough with the excuses.

This isn’t a dinner date or family function you really don’t want to go to and can bail out of.

It’s your civic duty, right up there with helping an accident victim in distress.

Use the process of elimination if you have to.

If you can’t vote for your own reasons, vote simply to make a vet feel their sacrifice wasn’t in vain.

I’m Scott Thompson.


Thursday on The Scott Thompson Show!
Today is Election Day.  Have you made up an excuse not to vote?
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