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April 2016

What allegedly happened to Matthew Green is unacceptable

Apr 28, 2016 5:00 AM
Scott Thompson

Hamilton City Councillor Mathew Green has filed a complaint over an alleged carding of him by Hamilton Police.

We have not heard both sides of the story as the complaint is under investigation, but I certainly have no reason to doubt Greens story.

Starting in January of next year the province has stated the new rules mean police cannot randomly stop and ask someone questions without suspicion of a crime.

The reason for the stop must be stated for the query.

Police must also inform someone that a stop is voluntary and they have a right not to participate.

It must be documented.

I’m not sure why Police would simply not stop the practice now knowing it will be outlawed by New Year’s.

I’m a supporter of police, I’m all for beat cops, community policing and getting to know the hood, but what happened to Mathew Green is unacceptable.

Unfortunately, it can be a fine line between investigation and invading people’s civil rights.

Clearly it has to be spelled out more for some, to avoid abuse of power.

The positive of this occurrence is, it is creating dialogue, and that’s always healthy.

I’m Scott Thompson.


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Why are the Liberals subsidizing e-cars for the rich?

Apr 27, 2016 5:00 AM
Scott Thompson

Here is another example of a Wynne Liberal green policy that wasn’t thought through.

Great intention, but no accountability of your money or due diligence.

For the past 6 years the Liberals have doled out over $39 million trying to get you to buy electric cars that most can’t afford.

It’s perfectly understandable that incentives are needed if you’re going to try to change people’s habits.

But don’t you have to question who the incentives will really benefit?

For example, the starting price for a green electric/hybrid vehicle is around $30 grand for a puddle jumper.

And over $14 million of the government money spent was on cars that were over $70,000.

After a few bought million dollar Porsche 918 Spyders the government realised that the wealthy do not need subsidies and cut the program to cars costing under $150,000.

Can you afford that in your driveway?

I can see offering incentives to those who need them….

But as the president of the Canadians Tax Payers Federation said, “If you can afford a $100,000 car, you don’t need a subsidy from people who earn less than that in a year.”

I’m Scott Thompson.


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Recording someone secretly is creepy

Apr 26, 2016 5:00 AM
Scott Thompson

The Mayor of Calgary was in a Lyft ride sharing car, similar to Uber, in Boston recently.

Inside was a charismatic driver who also hosts his own live streaming show of his rides.

During a ride, the Mayor starts spouting off to the bating driver about Calgary’s issues with Uber and what he thinks of them.

Needless to say it shows the mayor in bad light commenting off the cuff and clearly unaware he was being streamed live and recorded.

When the Mayor got back to Calgary his opponents were waiting for him, ready to pounce on his gaffe.

The Mayor apologized to everyone and especially the head of Uber who he called a Richard! (sort of)

To add fuel to the fire the Calgary City Council wants the matter referred to the Integrity Commissioner.


Am I the only one here that thinks they got the wrong guy?

Sure what the Mayor said was stupid, and he should know better.

But the lost soul who deserves a visit with an integrity commissioner is the creep driver who live streamed and recorded the Mayor secretly.

Is it any different than peeping into someone’s window at night and streaming it to the world?

I’m Scott Thompson.


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Eating naked...

Apr 25, 2016 5:00 AM
Scott Thompson

The restaurant business is incredibly competitive, just ask anyone who has one.

They’re always looking for ways to be innovative and attract more customers.

A restaurant in London has done just that with the introduction of their ‘all nude’ restaurant.

The concept is simple, create a stripped down experience behind simple wicker dividers between tables.

No artificial décor, no devices, all candle light, it’s eating in its most basic form.

To avoid contaminating seats with their nude bodies, diners will be asked to sit on their robes, which you get to wear home if desired..

There is a change room so you don’t have to show up naked, which is good because the lineup is long.

The kitchen staff with be clothed, but waiters will have minimal covering for hygienic purposes.

That’s good,, You don’t need, “There’s something in my soup!” “Oh that’s just the waiter honey!”

But what’s the protocol?

Do you use a napkin or just lick yourself when it’s over….Is the finger bowl is big enough to sit in?

I wouldn’t want a table close to the restrooms.

I think I’ve lost my appetite….Sorry.

I’m Scott Thompson.


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Prince dead at 57

Apr 22, 2016 5:00 AM
Scott Thompson

So when I came home from work yesterday I asked my 13 year old daughter if she knew Prince had died.

Her answer? “Who’s Prince?”

I billowed, “1999!”

“Oh the little purple guy!” She replied.

I remember seeing Prince in Toronto in the late 80’s at Maple Leaf Gardens.

A few things stood out.

#1 Purple.

#2 Great guitar player.

#3 It was liking watching a modern day James Brown.

Complete with a cape dude who mysteriously removed it and draped it over the star when he entered and left the stage.

He had a huge posse that surrounded him, some played, some danced, and some just stood there.

You knew it was magic but also an artist who was inspired by the greats that came before him.

Much like Bruno Mars, Drake and The Weeknd admired Prince.

What is sad about this transition in pop music and culture is, it happened way too soon.

I’m Scott Thompson.


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What would you do if Karla Homolka moved next to you?

Apr 21, 2016 5:00 AM
Scott Thompson

News surfaced this week that Karla Homolka was alive and well raising her 3 kids in small town Quebec.

Seemingly a lot beter than the French and Mahaffy families whose daughters were raped and killed by Homolka and her husband Paul Bernardo.

To no one’s surprise the community is in an uproar because they were not notified of the convicted sex killers whereabouts or that her kids are attending their school.

A lawful mind will say, no matter how disgusting, she is in her right to live where she wants.

Okay, but she has been given a new identity, a new lease on life, she has bent the long arm of the law.

Why come back to Canada where most loath her?

Why come back to where your new identity will be revealed and spread across the land in a nano second?

Why subject your three kids to ridicule and the shock of your heinous crimes?

What kind of person does this?…

The same type of person who applies for parole with no chance of getting it, just because they can.

His name is Paul Bernardo, and it’s about control over the victims.

The lawyer for the victim’s families calls them both psychopaths.

The only difference is, one is free, and one is not…

I’m Scott Thompson.


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No Canadian can expect city services in the middle of nowhere...

Apr 20, 2016 5:00 AM
Scott Thompson

I don’t think there is a Canadian out there that does not have an opinion on native issues in this country.

One thing I hope we can all agree on is the status quo is not working.

We all remember what this government promised First Nations before the election, the question is, how it will be any different from failed band aid solutions of the past several generations.

The House of Commons held an emergency debate on Attawapiskat, everyone cried shame! and something must be done!

So they did what they always do;  sent up a plane load of politicians, TV crews, social workers, a bag of money and promised a youth centre, (until next time).

How is that any different than the past?

Attawapiskat is asking how we can provide first class citizenship to Syrian refugees and ignore them.

Easy, Syrian refugees are in larger centres close to services and hope, not on a reserve that is only accessible by winter road or air with no means of supporting themselves.

Instead of fighting over treaties and the Indian Act, reality suggests we should be getting these people the help and services that all Canadians get.

However, no one gets services in the middle of nowhere, where life is not sustainable.

The sooner everyone realizes this, the better off the youth will be.

I’m Scott Thompson.


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Who wants to work when it's nice outside???

Apr 19, 2016 5:00 AM
Scott Thompson

Yesterday was the first day this season I have reported the temperature being above 25 degrees.

When I got home all I wanted to do was BBQ, certainly not do any work.

Unless it was walking through the park, biking, roller blading, walking the dog, throwing a baseball, Frisbee or football.

Maybe skate boarding, scootering, long boarding, speed walking, jogging, running, how about lawn darts?

Or what about lawn bowling, tennis, soccer, road hockey, flying a kite and who can forget bocce ball?

For those who want to spend their leisure time productively there is always,

raking the lawn, raking the garden, picking up garbage, spreading top soil and don’t forget to fertilize…

Own a pool?  What about the cover? Not off yet? Patio furniture out? Come on, what’s taking so long?

Gazebo up? Tacky lights? Where’s the pink flamingo?

There are a lot of things to do that better than work on a beauty day,,,,,, including writing a commentary.

I’m Scott Thompson.


Tuesday on The Scott Thompson Show!

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Who's driving Metrolinx and our LRT?

Apr 18, 2016 5:00 AM
Scott Thompson

Metrolinx has largely slid under the radar regarding the botched up information surrounding Toronto’s Union Station to Pearson airport express train.

It was rammed through for the Pan Am Games and has run virtually empty since then until they slashed the price of a ride in half from $27.50 to $12.

Financial reports Metrolinx worked hard to keep secret have revealed they ignored several consultant studies saying the price was way too high and wouldn’t work.

Metrolinx wouldn’t say how much it spent on the consultants it ignored.

I am a supporter of mass transit in Southern Ontario, what I am not in support of, is a government who consistently takes good ideas and wrecks them because they don’t do their due diligence and when they do they ignore the findings.

The same can be said for their green energy plan.

Good intention but no financial responsibility.

My biggest fear is they will use the same lack of monetary logic and planning when constructing our LRT.

My confidence in Metrolinx is waning.

I’m Scott Thompson.





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Who should decide when you die?

Apr 15, 2016 5:00 AM
Scott Thompson

Our government has presented legislation to allow doctor assisted death in Canada.

Despite the vast majority of Canadians in favour of it, it seems to be a very visibly divisive issue.

Is it? OR are the opponents of it just really good at getting our attention?

This discussion has been occurring in debate classes for decades, and is no less explosive now.

One side of the debate says this legislation goes too far, the other says, this does not go far enough.

We should never stop asking questions when giving others the responislbity to take a life.

But that does not mean there isn’t justification in doing it.

In the end, I believe in the freedom of choice.

If you don’t believe, don’t do it.

But should those prevent others who do?

If you are not hurting anyone else, doesn’t every individual have the right to make their choice to live or die?

How much more humane can you get?

I’m Scott Thompson.


Friday on The Scott Thompson Show!

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