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January 2017

Comparing O'Leary to Trump will backfire...(You've been warned!)

Jan 19, 2017 5:00 AM
Scott Thompson

There is no better way to teach a hard lesson to an old, entitled, elite political party then to relegate them to third party status in the next election.
There is no other method that shakes a party to the core and blows out the dead wood.
What we hope to get in return is a better party the next time.
This is one reason I have voted for all three political parties at one time or another.
I believe Canada is following the UK and the USA and will do the same thing they have, to a lesser degree.
That was proven when Kevin O’Leary entered the race for federal Conservative leader, and he wouldn’t if he didn’t think he could win.
Less in the sense, no one in Canada is Tweeting about celebrities or TV shows or continually insulting people based on race, religion, or sexuality as Trump has.
Yet many are quick to compare the two.
I caution that.
Rather than trying to debunk everything O’Leary says or does, it might be wise to exam why people want an alternative, instead of the status quo politician.
I’m Scott Thompson.


Thursday on The Scott Thompson Show!

Will Wynne give everyone relief from her energy mistake, or just a few? 905-645-3221

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Will your kids have what you do?

Jan 18, 2017 5:00 AM
Scott Thompson

A great number of Canadians come from families where at least one of their parents emigrated from another country.

Mine is no different.

Most couldn’t finish high school and had to work to provide a living for their families in jobs prosperous Canada.

Watching my parents slug it out in factories all their lives made me want more.

My generation was the first in our family to complete high school and go on to a post-secondary education.

And if you compared my parent’s life to that of their parents, they did better than theirs too.

Each generation has built on the foundation the previous has laid for them.

Fast forward to today where most millennials don’t think they will attain what their parents have.

How can that be?

It’s time all leaders, whether business or political realize the impact this will have on society, before they have a full-fledged revolt on their hands.

I’m Scott Thompson.


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Energy rates trump healthcare, education and jobs, in Wynne's Ontario

Jan 17, 2017 5:00 AM
Scott Thompson

I believe Canadians have reached a tipping point, Ontarians certainly have.

Confirming this is hearing that woman near Peterborough plead her case of survival in Wynne’s Ontario to PM Justin Trudeau on his ‘selfie esteem’ tour.

She cried she can’t keep her family afloat with soaring electricity rates, and now cap & trade..

He responded saying electricity is a provincial concern and his cap & trade hasn’t kicked in yet.

AS if that washes his elite hands of her common plight.

The truth is Ontarians are now more concerned about their energy bills, and losing their standard of living, then they are anything else.

Energy costs have become a bigger issue than:



-creating jobs and growing the economy

Everyone wants to save the planet, but clearly it appears the Liberals have a different stake in the game than the rest of us.

It’s less about the environment, and more of a fund raiser, for them.

After all, it’s not like we’re face mask wearing China who can’t see past their nose for smog.

I’m Scott Thompson


Tuesday on The Scott Thompson Show!

Are Liberal taxes lowering your standard of living? Will your kids have what you do? 905-645-3221



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Take the lights down...

Jan 16, 2017 5:00 AM
Scott Thompson

You’ve been putting it off long enough and with temperatures above normal this week there is no way you cannot do it…

Of course I’m talking about the ceremonial ‘taking down’ of the Christmas lights.

They seem to go up with such vim and vigor.

Now it’s, ‘oh yeah, I gotta do that don’t I?’

It’s like paying the Visa bill after Christmas.

The fun is over, now the consequences.

And where are the kids when its tear down time?

I’ve never heard them so quiet. Are they even here?

Who’s says making the mess is more fun than cleaning it up?

They come down faster than they go up.

If you need more incentive to get the lights down just try a quick look at you latest bill for Wynne’s Ontario.

That will darken any holiday spirit.

I’m Scott Thompson.


Monday on The Scott Thompson Show!

Are oil prices going up or down? 905-645-3221  

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'Welcome to Hamilton' sign of the times

Jan 13, 2017 5:00 AM
Scott Thompson

Do you need a break from Trump and LRT?

Let’s talk about the ‘welcome to Hamilton’ sign.

You know how we’re the only city in North America not to have a sign? That may be fake news! This is a tongue in cheek commentary…

Well it turns out the decade plus battle that old city councillors still can’t solve may have a ‘sign’ of life.

Forward thinking Mayor Fred Eisenberger, as his own Canada 150 project, is challenging businesses to help us raise the funds needed to finally “get ‘er done!”

Mayor Fred wants a mobile sign that we can take to different events or park on the QEW.

No, not one of those with removable neon letters on the back of a ski-doo trailer you see advertising massages.

Something more like the Toronto sign at Nathan Phillips Square or Amsterdam’s airport.

A sign does not make a city, but attitude does.

Hopefully, this is a sign, that Hamiton is finally back!

I’m Scott Thompson.


Friday on The Scott Thompson Show!

More charges laid in nursing home murders. 905-645-3221




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Donald Trump, not your grand daddy's president

Jan 12, 2017 5:00 AM
Scott Thompson

Donald Trump is NOT your granddaddy’s president.

Although he may be old enough.

That is one thing we learned from yesterday’s press conference.

Where ever the protocol line was for being president elect the Donald continues to stumble over it.

I’m still not sure if that’s a bad thing, but there are limits. 

At this point, it is still all about the Donald.

All we know about the future of America is that, ‘it’s going to be great again’.

I hope he lives up to the alternative everyone was looking for, and he can deliver the prosperity he says.

It will be a shame if Americans are let down by both the status quo established elite, AND the guy who pretends he’s not.

Where would they go from there?

I’m Scott Thompson.


Thursday on The Scott Thompson Show!

Why is province disconnecting our LRT from GO? Modern transit? 905-645-3221

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Put your phone down!

Jan 11, 2017 5:00 AM
Scott Thompson

Remember the old days when the big New Year’s resolutions were quitting smoking and losing weight?

Sign of the times.

So, how is your smart phone addiction lately?

Having a little trouble keeping away from your device? IS your love for it, like oxygen?

Have no fear, there is an app for that, right here!

The device that gets you in trouble also holds the key to get you out. was started by REDSPACE as a company Christmas card challenging clients put down their phone for the holidays.

It’s a game where you score for holding out the longest between uses.

However it has caught on and continues to grow helping users manage their time.

Or you could use what I use.

The parent app.

You walk into a room and yell, hey! Put your phone down!

It’s free too.

I’m Scott Thompson.


Wednesday on The Scott Thompson Show!

What can Hamilton do to curb opioid crisis? 905-645-3221






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Forget Trump concentrate on Trudeau and Wynne!

Jan 10, 2017 5:00 AM
Scott Thompson

Every so often I get an email from a Canadian Trump fan telling me to knock off the U.S. politics and throw my daggers at Premier Wynne and Prime Minster Trudeau, like I don’t do that enough.

So today I will do just that.

Can you imagine if Premier Wynne or PM Trudeau late night tweeted every time someone said something bad about them?

Can you imagine them calling out CHML, Global News, CTV, CBC or even me, for saying unflattering things about them?

Can you imagine our leaders stereotyping different segments of the population because of their race or religion?

Can you imagine them calling a Canadian actor over rated or Canadian Show not funny because of something they said about them?

How would you feel if your leaders insulted disability, menstrual cycles, and everyone who didn’t think like them?

Different political opinions and policy is what makes a democracy strong.

But our leaders look like Snow White compared to the Trump ‘swamp’ of the U.S.

Here’s hoping he can make the transition from wacky TV show host to president.

I’m Scott Thompson.


Tuesday on The Scott Thompson Show!

Trudeau shuffles cabinet. What does it mean for Canadians? 905-645-3221








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The Donald his own worst enemy

Jan 9, 2017 5:00 AM
Scott Thompson

How ironic is it that Donald Trump spent the months leading up to the U.S. presidential election hammering home the point that the system is “rigged”.

 ‘Rigged’ system and ‘crooked’ Hillary he would yell.

And after he wins, he says it isn’t.

And the Russians accused of the hacking, are our friends.

This despite repeated reports from intelligence agencies saying, although there is not proof of specific vote fixing in the final tally, there certainly is proof they hacked secret  government  accounts and promoted fake news sites with a preference for Trump.

Even odder is the fact he continually questions the credibility of the FBI and CIA, even though it was the FBI that released damaging info on Hillary just days before the election, that some say wiped out her chances.

It will be painful to watch when the Donald finally relegalizes he can’t suck and blow at the same time, and the role of the president, is much different than the role of a wacky TV game show host.

Forget the CIA, FBI, the media, or even Russia, Donald is his own worst enemy and is heading for the cause of his own demise.

I’m Scott Thompson.


Monday on The Scott Thompson Show!

The U.S. election is long over, but how long will campaign last? 905-645-3221

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Be A

Jan 6, 2017 5:00 AM
Scott Thompson

Are you an organ donor?

Why not?

How about if we came in and just took them anyway?

It’s not like you’re using them anymore.

That’s what they now do in France and have done in other places for years.

And if you want to keep your stuff, you can fill out the National Rejection Register.

Otherwise, its snip, snip and save a life.

I guess the theory is people would rather give up their organs then fill out more paperwork.

Unfortunately that is not the case, and the Trillium Gift of Life Network (CEO Ronnie Gavsie) says those countries come here for advice because we do it so well.

(Ontario’s donor rate is about 30%, Hamilton’s around 36 %.)

Like anything, people don’t like to be told what to do…

But educate them on the issue and they may change their ways.

I’m Scott Thompson.


Friday on The Scott Thompson Show!

Lisa Raitt pokes O’Leary and Leitch in PC leadership race at noon. 905-645-3221









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