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May 2017

Toronto Pride parade fights to be inclusive

May 9, 2017 5:00 AM
Scott Thompson

Toronto City Hall voted to continue $260,000 in funding for Toronto’s Pride Parade despite pressure from police officers within the LGBTQ community (and some on city council) to pull it.

This after Black Lives Matter stopped the parade last year providing a list of demands, including banning police in uniform from the parade.

Pride Toronto quickly folded under the pressure, instead of facilitating a discussion between the two groups, that fall under the same rainbow umbrella.

Apparently that has changed, since many cried foul when a movement that prides itself as being inclusive is exclusionary, rather than working through a solution.

And of course, the funding was in jeopardy.

Police and parade organizers concluded, pulling the funding wouldn’t correct the issue, leaving one to ponder if they feel keeping police out does.

Toronto Mayor John Tory said Toronto Pride and Toronto Police are now working towards a resolution that would hopefully see police inclusion by next year’s parade.

Therefore, this year’s parade funding will continue, as promised.

If not, I’m not too sure the public will be as supportive next year.






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Cranky? Blame it on the weather...

May 8, 2017 5:00 AM
Scott Thompson

Have you noticed everyone seems to be in a cranky mood lately?

That is over and above the problem politics of the day and your soaring electricity bill.

In true Canadian form the reason may lie in the weather.

Its feels like eternity since we have strung two full nice days together as rubber boots and umbrellas have replaced running shoes ..

Preparing for more rain and localized flooding have gotten in the way of seasonal outdoor activities like gardening and cycling.

The Hamilton area received over 230 mm of rain in the month of April, the average is just over 70mm.

No wonder our temperament has been, hour old, corn flake soggy.

But don’t fear, just like your mood the weather will change this week offering a little more sunlight and a little less dreariness.

However that does not mean you’ll be back into summer sleeves and shorts.

Because we could see frost.

Welcome to springtime in Canada, eh!

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Pig Lady free to water the bacon

May 5, 2017 5:00 AM
Scott Thompson

The Pig Lady is free!

Open the truck and let the critters be.

The Pig Lady (Anita Krajnc) was charged with mischief, when she approached a truck heading for a slaughter house in Burlington, to feed water to the pigs on board.

The judge dismissed the charge saying it didn’t interfere with the property involved.

Although there are plenty of farmers, and those in the food industry, who would disagree.

Her activist group is known to gather outside the plant, quite frequently, attempting to feed the pigs in transport.

My question is, who would be responsible when someone from this group falls under the wheels of the tractor trailer as the vehicle is turning into the yard?

The group is known to wade into traffic and stand on medians to water the bacon.

Over and above interfering with the food chain, what about the safety of the activists chasing pig trucks and the rest of us?

If you don’t want to eat meat? Don’t.

But, why interfere with those who do?

This is just another example of extremism, when the cause gets in the way of common sense.




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Mobster reality returns to Hamilton

May 4, 2017 5:00 AM
Scott Thompson

Hamilton has had a long and somewhat glamourous history with gangsters.

Since Hamilton was in its infancy there have been tall tales of organized crime and the colourful characters cultivated through curiosity and fear.

When Hollywood would commercialize the Mafia in a docudrama movie, somehow, some way, somewhere, someone would anecdotally offer a Hamilton connection.

Many experts have said their influence has some what diminished in the last few decades, perhaps due to too much past publicity, also citing technology and a changing of the guard.

But as everything in life, progress is vital to survival, as organized crime moves from traditional operations to those involving more advanced technology.

This requires progressive young leadership that has been lacking in the past while organizations try to redefine themselves or splinter.

What’s missing, is the loyalty that a mobster once took to the grave.

What is the same, as we’ve seen this week, is you can never leave.

The tall tales of a gangster fantasyland were shattered on a quiet Waterdown street as the reality of gang warfare reared its ugly head again.

Reminding us all, the folklore is based in real life, and it endangered everyone with family homes along this residential street.

It was fortunate no one else was killed in the melee.


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'Stealthing' as old as device itself, and still rape.

May 3, 2017 5:00 AM
Scott Thompson

The term may be different but the practice is as old as the device itself.

The term is ‘stealthing’ and the device is a condom.

‘Stealthing’ is the act of secretly removing a condom during the act, after the partner has consented to ‘protected’ sex.

What I find ironic is both are unprotected and at risk, but I guess that is lost in the moment on the man that insists on riding bare back.

But what is deeply disturbing is some males are proud of this intentional practice, bragging of their conquests and technique on social media.

For some reason this is not felt to be an instructional assault on one’s body by some.

However, beyond respect and responsibility, what is also absent here, is knowledge of the law.

Simply put, if your partner has agreed to ‘safe’ consensual sex and you deliberately sabotage that by removing a condom without their knowledge, that’s rape.

And the 15 minutes of fame on social media exposing your selfishness, is just more evidence that will be used against you on sexual assault charges in court.

Which will be anything but stealth.






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K-W caught in Hamilton LRT mudslinging

May 1, 2017 5:00 AM
Scott Thompson

Hamilton City Council Donna Skelly got in a mudslinging match with a reporter from the Kitchen Waterloo Record last week that has since gone viral.

Whether you agree with the reporter or Councillor Skelly, in the end, it’s the city that ends up looking bad.

The reporter got wind of Skelly calling the KW LRT project “ugly” during her arguments opposing our LRT at the city hall vote on environmental assessment.
She had driven up to see the project under construction but did not talk or meet with any KW officials (who are planning their second phase) for a guided tour.

Councillor Skelly clarified her comments on our show saying she meant the overhead “wires” were ugly, but stopped short of a heartfelt apology for her comments, choosing to emphasize this was all headline grabbing.

I asked the councillor how she would feel if a Toronto councillor said our stadium was “ugly, and in a bad location”. She agreed it was in a bad location.

This is what happens when a leader lets their personal political agenda get in the way of common sense and courtesy, let alone the betterment of the city.

I’m Scott Thompson.


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Trump, Kim Jong-un and Dennis Rodman will solve world problems

May 1, 2017 5:00 AM
Scott Thompson

The world seems to be heading for more conflict than it has seen in the last several decades.

Over and above the usual concerns of the day, (terrorism and the spewing of hate), we are living in a strange time where the populous movement says it’s time to batten down the hatches and burn every bridge we have spent a lifetime building.

We are constructing walls instead of tearing them down.

The reality TV show that has become the U.S presidency is adding to a world of instability, that may advance the deal temporarily, but at what cost to the psyche of the world.

Always looking for something to distract from his own self-inflicted problems, The Donald never steps away from another ego trying to do the same.

The latest example is North Korea and the flexing of their military muscle, which is largely to keep their own people in line, creating the illusion the rest of the world is out to get them.

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and President Donald Trump are waging a touch guy widdle war for all the world to witness.

Cards are played close to the chest, despite the use of social media, stakes are high, while the rest of us wait for one of them to blink.

But then The Donald will spin 180 degrees, and show sympathy for the young disrespected leader, while we all wait for the next episode to drop.

So don’t be surprised if this Korean conflict ends with a round of golf, some cocktails, followed by a good rub down at the Winter White House (Mar-a-Lago in Florida).

Then maybe Dennis Rodman could stop by with some basketballs and hi tops to shoot a few hoops.

Who knew solving the world problems could be so easy.

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April 2017

Wynne steals NDP pharma plan

Apr 28, 2017 5:00 AM
Scott Thompson

Excuse me, Premier Kathleen Wynne?

The NDP called.

They want their pharma care plan back.

And the rest of their playbook, for that matter.

I had heard rumours, Ontario NDP leader Andrea Horwath got wind that the Liberals were going to steal yet another idea from her playbook last week, which is why she came on our show to sell her own pharma plan just days ago.

The budget delivered yesterday by the aging Liberals appears to be nothing more than a Hail Mary pass promising the moon, after they have created more problems in this province then they have solved.

The budget is stocked full of goodies designed to make you forget about the last 14 years of mismanagement.

But with a province that is wincing over punting the cost a self-inflicted electricity wound off to their kids, most are wondering where all this money is going to come from?

The larger question is, will Ontario be fooled again?


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Councillors looking to save face on LRT

Apr 26, 2017 5:00 AM
Scott Thompson

It looks like Hamilton Councillor Terry Whitehead is showing lack of leadership and signs of flip flopping yet again on his LRT position, just to save face.

He now says he may support LRT if the government pays for the line to Eastgate Square that was scrapped for a James St spur line to the GO, which was then replaced with Bus Rapid Transit (BRT).

Why now? And is this a really a deal breaker?

What Councillor Whitehead and his ilk have failed to realize is any money the government spends to extend the line back to Eastgate Square will most likely come at the expense of a BRT A line up the mountain, just like the spur line.

So now we don’t have a spur line connecting LRT to GO and we may not have as much expanded BRT service to the mountain on the A line?

Otherwise where is the extra money coming from?

How ironic is it, the councillors who said we don’t need LRT now want to spend more money on it, and possibly sacrifice BRT to the mountain?

What does this leave?

An LRT that goes from Eastgate to McMaster, with no spur line to the James St GO station and less money for BRT up the mountain.

Is that not what we started with?

This is nothing more than old school councillors who suddenly realise if they mess with this project, like they did with the stadium, they’ll not only kill the project but kill the $1 billion that comes with it; and their political career for lack of vision.

Hamilton is changing, and we’re lacking a council that can keep up with the progress.





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A little late for Wynne pilot projects

Apr 25, 2017 5:00 AM
Scott Thompson

If you asked the average Canadian if we should protect the most vulnerable in our society they would answer a polite, yes.

But how much are we willing to do, and at what cost?

Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne has announced a pilot project introducing a basic income in the test cities of Hamilton, Thunder Bay and town of Lindsay.

In this pilot project qualifying individuals would receive just under $17,000 a year, less 50% of what they may earn.
This is a guaranteed basic income whether they work or not and the hope is it doesn’t penalize those who want to make more by clawing back benefits thus discouraging employment.

Proponents of the plan say it would save us money on other services in the long run, opponents say the cost is impossible robbing funds from those who need it the most.

What I find fascinating is the only positive comments coming from the Ontario Liberals is a pilot project that they will never see to completion.

Interesting idea but, where was all this due diligence when it came to the energy file?

Where was the pilot project before the Liberals rammed the Green Evegy Act down everybody’s throat thus creating a self-inflicted energy crisis?

Too bad this government doesn’t use the same thought process in their day to day decisions as they do when they float political trial balloons.









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