August 2014

Just plant a chip in my head!

Aug 14, 2014 5:00 AM
Scott Thompson

What’s the biggest problem in your tech filled life?

If you’re my wife, it’s typing in her password so she can use her smart phone.

What she is going to do with the extra 2.3 seconds it takes to unlock the average phone is beyond me.

But apparently this is a royal pain in the arse for many.

As a result you can now buy a digital tattoo.  IT is a sticker that carries the password needed to unlock your phone.

Simply peel and stick on your person, touch your phone against the sticker, and you’re talking.

You can even wear it in the shower!

But since it takes a full second to touch the phone to your tattoo, it’s really only a savings of 1.3 seconds.

Why don’t we just cut to the chase and plant a chip in my head now with all the info needed.

Driver’s license, health card, birth certificate, blood type, even the grocery list.

Everyone would be tapping their heads against everything from a gas pump to the cash register at Timmy’s.

You could now pay by simply head butting the driv thru speaker!

Just tap your head and go!

Although it would be hard to tell if a couple was kissing or just lending each other money.

I’m Scott Thompson.


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Talking about mental illness.....

Aug 13, 2014 5:00 AM
Scott Thompson

Whenever we hear a story about mental illness, such as the tragic news of the death of Robin Williams, it’s often followed by a statement like; we never talk about mental illness.

Well I am using this space to talk about mental illness and what I have learned over the years.

The first thing is, it is an illness, not a state of mind.

You can’t cure cancer by changing your attitude, the same can be said for mental illness.

Both require treatment from those who know the disease.

The second is, it can affect anyone, including one of the funniest men on the planet.

Mental illness strikes rich and poor, tall and short, fat and skinny, old and young.

Many say ‘don’t be afraid to ask for help’.

Are they scared about asking for help or scared that the person asking won’t care enough to help?

It can start with a simple, ‘how are you doing?’

If a tragedy like this does not bring the issue to the surface, I’m not sure there is anything else that will.

I’m Scott Thompson.


Wednesday on The Scott Thompson Show!
Are we reducing stigma around mental illness or just talking about it?  905-645-3221




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We forget how dangerous some professional sports are...

Aug 12, 2014 5:00 AM
Scott Thompson

A lot has been said about the on track death of a race car driver when he got out of his car, ran onto the track surface after an encounter with another car.

Thought is, his hope was to flip the bird to 3 time NASCAR champion Tony Stewart as he drove by.

However Kevin Ward Jr. was hard to see in his dark fire suit and helmet when ran up to Stewart’s car which was in the traveling in the high groove of the track.

I’m sure you’ve seen the video, and the tragic ending for the 20 year old driver being struck.

There has been talk it was intentional, experts in the sport say Stewart was trying to avoid the pedestrian.

Spec sports columnist Scott Radley said on the show said it was disgusting when these high speed chariots collide.

Some have said the same about, what others would call, a good hockey fight.

The truth is there is passion and danger in most professional sport.

That’s part of what makes the participants special.

However instead of Kevin Ward Jr. giving the finger, he gave his life.

Sometimes even the players forget how dangerous most professional sports are.

I’m Scott Thompson.


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Summer vacation with JAWS!!!

Aug 11, 2014 5:00 AM
Scott Thompson

The great thing about summer vacation is you get to do stupid things that you never seem to have time for, or a real desire for, at any other time of the year.

That was the case when I sat down with the kids and watched JAWS!

Their choice not mine, my fear being they would never set foot in the lake again.

It had been so long ago I had seen it, I had to think to remember how it ended, other than the obvious.

My first reaction, after the wacky 70’s hair and cars, was the low budget and period special effects that make the young laugh at Star Wars.

But after it got going I was glued, as were the kids.

We watched it over two days because I refuse to spend any time in front of a screen at the cottage, but this is one of those funny moments the kids will never forget.

Once we can finally get them to sleep through the night again.

IF you haven’t seen it it’s still a great thriller, and if you have it may be worth another cast, just for the halibut.

I’m Scott Thompson.










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July 2014

CHML Golf Tourney

Jul 25, 2014 5:00 AM
Scott Thompson

It’s true even a bad day of golf is better than a good day of work.

I proved that yesterday when I carved a mean furrow and lost a bucket of balls at Flamborough Hills Golf club with the CHML Children’s Fund Golf Tourney.

This is always a great event and a chance to meet with listeners and clients who support this amazing charity.

Thanks to all of our sponsors including Pioneer and US Steel who stepped up this year and helped make the tourney a success.

And especially thanks to Gary Molinaro from Solaris Dental Solutions, partner Frank the shank  and associate Mark the shark who bought my foursome.

Although after seeing me with a club in my hand, they were glad they brought a ringer.

Hard to believe these guys were the winning bidders two years in a row.

Clearly it wasn’t for my play.

I blamed it on the ribs.

What you’ve never had ribs while playing golf?

When the cursing and trash talking got out of hand we had to remind ourselves, it’s for the kids!

Be sure to grab some friends and join us next year.

I’m Scott Thompson.


Friday on The Scott Thompson Show!
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New stadium lottery; guess when it will be finished and win

Jul 24, 2014 5:00 AM
Scott Thompson

It does not look like the new Pan Am Stadium will be ready for the Ticats August schedule. No surprises here!

We kind of figuired that out when they announced it wouldn't be ready for the home opener in July.

Its too bad its left up to the fans to try and figuire out. 

You'd think they could nail down a more concrete opening date, it ain't rocket science. 

It would be nice if those involved would just call it like it is and stop pretending it will be ready when it won't, or be something that it is not.

You know, under promise and over deliver.

To try and make good of a continually bad situation I suggest we start a pool.‚Äč A lottery.

Guess the date the new stadium will be finished, win a prize.

Just like your typical Superbowl pool, just pick a square and throw down your $10.

It could even be used as a fund raiser to help pay for the place, or maybe get us some upgraded carpet.

One thing is for sure, it will make the wait a lot more fun.

I'm Scott Thompson.


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One more bike concern...

Jul 23, 2014 5:00 AM
Scott Thompson

One more bike concern.

There are few debates in this city that come with the energy of a good discussion on the bicycle.

Do a commentary or blog, newspaper column, radio show, whatever, on the bike experience in Hamilton; you are bound to get some participants.

However, most of the time it will be a discussion centred on the bike vs. the automobile.

You know the banter, bike lanes vs vehicle lanes, lack of respect for one another, rules of the road, and general distain for each other.

The best thing about this latest debate is there isn’t a car to be seen near the discussion. Not even parked.

This ruckus is about e-bikes and do they have the same rights as any standard bicycle.

In other words, are e-bikes welcome on city walkways, trails and bike paths and lanes.

If complaints and traffic to the CHML poll question of the day are any indication the answer is NO!

Oddly enough the complaints cyclists and walkers had with the e-bikes are very similar to the complaints drivers had with cyclists.

They both think they own the road, and never obey the rules.

Sound familiar?

I’m Scott Thompson.


Wednesday on The Scott Thompson Show!
Should we start a lottery pool to bet on when the stadium will be finished?  905-645-3221






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Hard to keep track of who is fighting who???

Jul 22, 2014 5:00 AM
Scott Thompson

There seems to be so much conflict in the world it’s hard to keep track of who is fighting who.

The Gaza Strip, Syria, Iraq, so much so, that the fate of those Nigerian school girls at the hands of Boko Haram, has slipped from our conscience.

Where we live; it’s easy to shake your head, feel bad, and then decide what’s for dinner.

But when Malaysian Airlines flight  17 was shot down with passengers from so many uninvolved countries, including this one, we all realize how easy it is to get caught up in someone else’s conflict.

The reality of today’s war is, it’s hard to tell the good guys from the bad guys, or where they’re from.

If there is any positive shred of light to come out of this horrific tragedy, it’s made us all very aware of what a global village we live in.

A war in any part of the world, affects us all.

It may take a community to raise a child, but it takes the world to secure its future. Especially nowadays.

I’m Scott Thompson.


Tuesday on The Scott Thompson Show!
Are ebikes classed as bicycles or motorized vehicles?  905-645-3221



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Putin looks like a fool....

Jul 21, 2014 5:00 AM
Scott Thompson

The rocket attack on Malaysian jet airliner flight 17 is a perfect example of what happens when the intelligence of the weapon supersedes the intelligence of the person in control of it.

Many experts have already stated, when being operated by trained personnel, this weapon is fully capable of detecting friend from foe.

Clearly that didn’t happen here.

Putin has been quietly trying to regain the glory days of the old U.S.S.R. using masked, drunken thugs to try and intimidate Ukraine bit by bit.

He claims he’s not involved with separatists rebels but there is plenty of evidence suggesting otherwise.

On the world stage Putin looks like a rank amateur in the deployment and distribution of such weaponry, especially now trying to avoid any responsibility.

Due to this lack of leadership Putin will now have to answer to world leaders for the loss of life unrelated to the conflict.

He may not have pulled the trigger but he certainly gave them the gun and showed them the direction in which to fire.

One of the basic prerequisites for owning such technology is knowing how and when to use.

It’s evident no such intelligence exists in Putin’s case.

I’m Scott Thompson.




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298 dead....

Jul 18, 2014 5:00 AM
Scott Thompson

298 people were in the wrong place at the wrong time yesterday.

The place was the troubled border between The Ukraine and Russia, the time was 14:15 local time.

A Malaysian Jet was blown up in the sky, scattering debris and body parts over a wide area.

The same airspace has seen trouble in the past as the Ukraine/Russian conflict escalates below.

Both the Ukraine government and pro-Russian separatists say it was the other guy.

Denying the collateral damage of their stupid war.

History continues to prove, so much to be lost so little to be gained.

We’re seeing it in the Gaza Strip this week, and other parts of the world on a daily basis.

It seems this time Putin’s flexing exercise has now affected those who live in neither country.

It will be interesting to see how the rest of the world responds to the tragic death of these innocent people, caught up in someone else’s war.

I’m Scot Thompson.


Friday on The Scott Thompson Show!
298 dead in Malaysian Air bombing. Who’s to blame?  905-645-3221





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