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March 2015

It's hard to plan for an attack, most can't comprehend

Mar 27, 2015 5:00 AM
Scott Thompson

How ironic is it the very device that was put in place to protect passenger airliners is at the root cause of bringing one down?

In the end the security door that was installed to keep the bad guys out of the cockpit, was the same door that prevented the good guys from getting in.

If somehow the flight crew could have opened that door, chances are there’d still be 150 more people walking the earth today.

It appears the Germanwing co-pilot locked his pilot out of the flight deck and then proceeded to crash the plane.

Frantic attempts were made to open a door designed to handle the force of an explosion, to no avail.

Security experts say the system is designed to protect against external forces.  Unfortunately this attack was internal.

The Canadian government and airline industry reacted swiftly and insisted all commercial jets must have 2 staff in the cockpit at all times.

But just like the door that was ordered secured and could not be opened when needed, would a second person in the cockpit, just be the first victim.

It’s hard to plan for an attack, most can’t even comprehend.

I’m Scott Thompson.


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Segregation by gender

Mar 26, 2015 5:00 AM
Scott Thompson

The woman who is fighting to wear the niqab during her citizenship ceremony told a government lawyer last year she is in favour of separating men and women in some situations in her native Pakistan.

She respects “Canadian society as it is” and does not expect that here.

However when asked why she left her native Pakistan she expressed that although the country is Muslin it was “not obeying the laws, in like, whatever Islam has told us to do.”  

She used the workplace and education as examples of where there should be more segregation of genders.

When asked if she would like to see separation of genders at the citizenship ceremony she said ‘yes’ but does not expect this.

She later added if the ban on the niqab were lifted, there would be no need.

This will no doubt fuel the argument this is about gender equality, not religion.  And I agree.

However in order to say so, we must also be willing to admit, this isn’t the only religion or culture that does not treat men and women equally.

I’m Scott Thompson


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Craft brewers want a bigger piece of the action

Mar 25, 2015 5:00 AM
Scott Thompson

Once the foam settled and the Liberal government realized it could make a swack of cash by rejigging Ontario’s archaic liquor laws, you knew change was in the brew.

Thanks to former TD Bank chair Ed Clark, we are now focused on an institution that has largely flown under the radar for decades, the Beer Store.

Perhaps because they were once Canadian owned.

You knew it was just a matter of time before the craft brewers, would want equal opportunity.

Especially because they, along with local wine, started this movement and have been crying for a level playing field for years.

The crafty’s asked the Wynne government to consider allowing breweries to open at least one off-site store apiece and to let them sell one another’s products.

Great idea, but you‘d think they would have asked for even more considering the growth in the industry, and it’s only fair.

But then again, although business must turn a profit, the goals of a small entrepreneur are very different from that of a giant conglomerate.

Which is why the smaller craft brewing industry, is doing so well.

I’m Scott Thompson.


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Baring breasts always gets attention, but little credibility

Mar 24, 2015 5:00 AM
Scott Thompson

The tweet on Monday from a female MP inside the House of Commons pretty much said it all.

“Tattooed, bare breasted young C-51 protester removed from the House of Commons. Wow!”

The protester was shouting ‘Bill C-51 is war on freedom’.

On her bare breasts she had painted ‘C-51 is state terrorism’

There have been several protest regarding the anti-terrorism Bill C-51 lately but I’m not sure how many were followed by giggles, tweets and pictures.

The parliamentary channel captured the shouting but the camera focuses on the speaker when there is a disruption in the gallery.  Aww!

She was detained by the RCMP, charged with public indecency and banned from the Hill for a year.

Oddly enough this happened when an MP was making a speech on Viet Nam.

It took a little time for him to gain his composure and carry on.

Proving once again that although baring your breasts does gain you plenty of attention, especially in the House of Commons.

Once they’re covered and the commotion settles down, no one really remembers what the cause was.

Giving very little credibility, to a very serious issue.

I’m Scott Thompson.


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Ottawa like Toronto

Mar 23, 2015 5:00 AM
Scott Thompson

This past weekend the family and I finished March Break with a trip to Ottawa.

We were fortunate enough to take in the Leafs and Senators game.

What an incredible time it was.

The Ottawa NHL experience makes the ACC look like a funeral with a light show.

The atmosphere was electric, like a playoff game (which I guess for Ottawa it almost was) like an Olympic game or World Jr.s. or a Ticat game!

To say the fans are into it is an understatement, despite being split between being Senators or Leafs fans.

Although I saw a lot less Leaf jerseys there than 10 years ago. Draw you won conclusion.

However it is the first time in my over 30 years of going to concerts or sporting events in arenas and stadiums I have been searched for….hamburgers.

When I laughed the security guard pointed to the floor where there were bags of them that had been confiscated.

Part of a ritual that has started when their goalie Andrew Hammond nicknamed the Hamburglar wins a game and burgers are tossed onto the ice.

The spirit (and big city small town feeling) reminded me of Hamilton, and confirmed most Canadian cities are like this.

Which gives them all an advantage over Toronto.

I’m Scott Thompson.


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Will obesity rates soon be as high as your cable bill?

Mar 20, 2015 5:00 AM
Scott Thompson

The CRTC has set out a roadmap to maximize choice and affordability for Canadian television viewers, so says their press release.

By March 2016, Canadians will be able to subscribe to an entry-level television service that cost no more than $25 from cable and satellite companies.

This will include: all local and regional television stations, public interest channels such as the Cable Public Affairs Channel and Aboriginal Peoples Television Network, education channels, community channels and the services operated by provincial legislatures.

No word if that means Buffalo for us.

By December 2016 Canadians will be able to supplement this service by subscribing to pay and specialty channels on a pick-and-pay basis or in small packages.

Cable and satellite companies can continue to offer their existing packages of channels in order to provide alternative options to television viewers.

So what does this mean to you and me?

Your cholesterol, diabetes and obesity rates, will be as high as your cable bill!

I’m Scott Thompson.


Friday on The Scott Thompson Show!

Do you know who is watching you? Do you care?  905-645-3221



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Don't party and post

Mar 19, 2015 5:00 AM
Scott Thompson

Have we learned how to be socially responsible on social media?

The short answer is, No.

But with examples like this, surely we must be getting close.

Seems there were two men, certainly old enough to know better, that saw a sleeping man in a Hamilton McDonalds.

The two thought it would be funny to throw their half-eaten burger and drink at him then capture the hijinks and post the fun online.

They had both been drinking.

Apparently they greatly misjudged that others would share their sense of humour as backlash to the childish, disrespectful, behaviour was instantaneous.

Not only did they draw the attention of 1000’s around the world in disgust, but also their parents, friends and eventually the police who secured the two men for a little chat at the station.

So what have learned here kids?

Just like it is not safe to drink and drive, it is not safe to party and post.

Got the message yet?

I’m Scott Thompson


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Niqab: It's not about religion, it's about gender equality.

Mar 18, 2015 5:00 AM
Scott Thompson

I have said publically I do not agree with the niqab, the women’s garment that completely covers the face revealing only the eyes.

However I will fight till the end for that woman’s right to wear it, if she ‘chooses’ to.

There is a recent study from Forum Research reveals over two thirds of Canadians agree with PM Harper and say the niqab should NOT be worn during the citizenship ceremony.

However just under half of Canadians (45 per cent) said the niqab is not offensive to Canadians in general, and 57 per cent don’t find it personally offensive.

Here is why they DO find it offensive; 57 per cent of Canadians believe the niqab is ‘oppressive’ to women.

Further proof, for the majority of Canadians, this is NOT about security, race or religion.

It’s about human rights.

It’s about catering to a cultural tradition that does not treat women equally.

It’s disheartening when extremists say this is an attack on race or religion by fear mongering right wingers.

For the majority of Canadians they simply don’t care.

 But to use race, religion or security as a means to get your way, tramples on the millions of women around the world who have fought for the right to educate, vote, drive, work, and live as equal human beings.

Let’s stick to the real issue here. Equality!

And in Canada, it trumps religion…...

I’m Scott Thompson.


Wednesday on The Scott Thompson Show!

Are we finally learning the lessons of social media exploitation?  905-645-3221


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Liberals are sounding Conservative

Mar 17, 2015 5:00 AM
Scott Thompson

All of a sudden the Liberals are sounding a lot like fiscal Conservatives.

Remember when McGunity used to spout, “My Ontario’s not for sale!”

Not the case today, when after a decade of the Liberals lack of fiscal responsibility, this train is about to wreck. (If it hasn’t already)

They need cash now!

They are so desperate they are even tackling booze distribution in the province. 

They want to sell beer and wine in grocery stores for huge profit and gains.

How heathen of them!

I know, big deal, every province did it years ago?

But no one here has had the cahoonies to do much more than flap their gums for attention on the issue.

It amazing how your values change when you are forced to budget because you are in need of money.

It’s too bad this government doesn’t use the same logic when times are good, to prevent us from ending up here in the first place.

I’m Scott Thompson.


Tuesday on The Scott Thompson Show!

Two thirds of Canadians oppose niqab during citizenship ceremony. Why?  905-645-3221

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Junos 2015

Mar 16, 2015 5:00 PM
Scott Thompson

Hamilton you looked great last night on the 2015th edition of the Juno Awards.

The host, Hedley front man Jacob Hoggard, played up on the much thought perception that everyone else must have turned the gig down for him to have got it.

But the lack of traditional star power on this year’s edition helped turn the page on the past and expose a new generation of stars.

The first half hour was all Hamilton thanks to its role as host city and ofcouse the Arkells with Boris Brott who have always made us proud.

Not that this event was not big, but there was a time when Hamilton would have felt more pressure for a good showing.

Now that Hamilton’s renaissance is the envy of many, this show is not so much a savour, as it is another chance to celebrate and show the country how successful we are (again).

I found myself saying to my wife throughout the show, ’hey that was pretty good’.

I then returned from taking out the garbage between commercial breaks only to find out the show was over?!

Really? We only have enough talent until 9 pm?

Where’s the all-star jam sessions that takes us until the national news like the Grammy’s, Oscars’ and Emmy’s?

I’m not sure if I was left wanting more or happy I still had time watch something else.

I’m Scott Thompson.


Monday on The Scott Thompson Show!

How did Hamilton do as host of the 2015 Junos?  905-645-3221




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