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May 2017

What about education, healthcare, jobs and the economy?

May 18, 2017 5:00 AM
Scott Thompson

The province has announced a new electric vehicle discovery centre in Toronto where you can learn about and test drive electric vehicles.

The Liberals have given $1 million in taxpayer money to fund the project with the hopes of encouraging you to go electric.

The opposition says Ontarians can find the information they need at a nearby car dealership.

I think most Canadians are green and want to preserve the planet for the next generation.

But I also think most Ontarians feel they have done more than their part, that’s over and above the overspending and electricity mistakes made by the Wynne Liberals.

What about education, healthcare, jobs, the economy?

Where’s the balance?

At what point does the wellbeing of the province come before Liberal activism and re-election schemes?

This isn’t a financial recession, a natural disaster, or immediate global threat; it’s a self-made electricity crisis from a government that’s been in power for 14 years with no cost analysis or financial plan.

That’s why their loan is being punted to the next generation. They goofed.

And we’re supposed to buy into their ‘cap & trade’ plan?

It will be nice for Ontarians to someday focus on something positive, instead of our self-inflicted rising energy costs.

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