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June 2012

Stadium vision....

Jun 1, 2012 7:00 AM
Scott Thompson

This time yesterday we were discussing what to do with the area around the new Ivor Wynne stadium and how the last thing we want is a customer who arrives at the game, drops their money inside and then gets the hell out of dodge leaving nothing for the surrounding area to city build.

Bill via email suggested having those who live there inviting the fans up onto their porch for a beer.

In Bill’s cynicism I saw a vision.

How do draw the businesses and revenue that a stadium can bring within the staggering limitations of the Ivor Wynne site.

Here it comes.

Expropriate all the homes immediately circling Ivor Wynne. Those that their front porch looks at stadium.

Turn all of those homes into a series of small business such as cafes, bars, delis, restaurants, galleries what ever.

As soon as you leave any exit of the stadium you walk onto a pedestrian street that takes you onto to someone’s former front lawn up the porch to a café.

If one is busy you simply walk to the next.

You market the area as the neighborhood.

If we can do it with Lock, James North and Hess why not there?

That way you get the business a stadium needs to survive and the neighbourhood is revitalized.

You’re welcome.

I’m Scott Thompson,


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