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June 2012

Royals still relevant???

Jun 4, 2012 5:00 AM
Scott Thompson

Even with the L.A. Kings taking a two game lead in the Stanley Cup finals it was pretty not hard to notice the Queen’s 60th Jubilee celebrations this weekend.

Horse races, concerts, boat parades down the River Thames and lots of waving.
Add a long weekend, which Brits will need to recover, and you’ve got party.

Speaking of that 1000 boat flotilla tribute, the HMCS Haida which is docked right here in Hamilton, was mentioned during the national broadcast as the precession passed by her sister ship.

Watching the Royals float by I realized the pubic perception has modernized over the years.
I bet it would be fun to sit down with the elder Prince Phillip at 91 and young Prince Harry for a pint.

Lots ponder if the Monarchy still has relevance to today’s Canada.
Why not appreciated your history? Quebec does, why not the rest of Canada?

Is it still relevant?
In my mind all you have to do is look at Princess Kate in her red form fitting dress and little hat to say…Yes!

Oh Yeah!

I’m Scott Thompson.


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