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April 2012

Sunshine & 25!!!

Apr 17, 2012 5:00 AM
Scott Thompson

Sunshine and 25!? No it’s not Miami or even Negril Jamaica.

It’s yesterday in the Hammer.
What happened?

We could ask the weather people but who cares?

It didn’t matter winds were so gusty small children, dogs and the elderly were whisked away with out warning.
We haven’t basked in temperatures this warm since,,,,,the second week of March.

We were spoiled back then thinking not only were we in for a warm summer but an early one at that.
The afternoon sun filled patios and vacated work places early for a Monday.

The forecast said nothing about 25 degree temperatures this week.
In fact the highest is 17 on Wednesday.

So until the real summer arrives, you’ll just have to dream about last March break, in the Hammer.

I’m Scott Thompson.


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