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April 2012

Hi Tech TimmyRun

Apr 18, 2012 5:00 AM
Scott Thompson

Some may say they have now ‘seen everything’, others may ask, ’what took so long?’

The Timmy app is out! Called TimmyRun and why not because, that‘s what everyone calls it!

No more running around work collecting orders and offers.

The TimmyRun is exactly what you think it should be.

It’s an app for your smart phone that allows you to keep a list of favourites to buy their favourites from Tim’s.
You can find out when someone is doing a run or let your peeps in on when you are.

No need to ask how they take it, all the pertinent info is there.
Obviously a nice little ad on for those of you already sporting the mug, have the coffee at home for when not in the driv thru and know the lunch menu by heart.

Pretty soon you'll just have to hold your device to your head and go ‘donut’ and it will land right in your pants.

That way as it’s deducted from your back account, it’s applied directly to your belly and thighs.


I’m Scott Thompson.


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