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May 2012

Montreal cabbie shouldn't be in jail...

May 1, 2012 8:43 PM
Scott Thompson

You have all no doubt seen the footage of the Montreal cab driver who runs over a man after an altercation with an angry group of late night revelers.

Cell phone footage shows a shouting match turning ugly as the group starts attacking the cab by throwing debris, beating and kicking in the doors.

Eventually the driver tries to turn around and leave but someone climbs onto the trunk and then stomps on the roof of the cab.
At that point another guy starts beating and climbing up the hood.

As the cab driver accelerates the guy on the hood slides off and is run over by the cab, who then takes off.

The weird part is it’s the cabbie that’s in jail, without bail until a hearing, for running away from an attack!

If he had stopped windows would’ve have been smashed and injury sustained.
Who is the real victim here?

Thank goodness the goof stomping on the cab was charged but what about the brainiac who decided to jump on the hood?
It’s very unfortunate his chin is hanging off after his antics, but really this angry, immature idiot should be thanking his lucky stars after this Darwinian bone head play.

It could be his head hanging off instead of just his droopy chin.

Good thing it’s on the internet for his future kids to see!

I’m Scott Thompson.


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Generation Y changing us...

May 1, 2012 5:00 AM
Scott Thompson

Life is changing faster every day.
You only have to look at technology as a reminder of how quick things can really evolve.

But how does this change the way we do things or live our lives?

A recent business survey showed just how buying habits are changing for our young adults.

Take driving for example.
It used to be a right of passage for every 16 year old, we couldn’t wait.
Back in the late 90’s over 64% of 19 year olds had a driver’s license. By 2008 that rate had dropped to 46%in the U.S.

Meaning they aren’t buying cars. What else are they NOT buying into?

Add email, regular beer (they’d rather have lite), newspapers, landline phones, cigarettes, desk top computers, and TV.
There seems to be a huge paradigm shift in what’s important to youth.

However what this new paradigm has also revealed is generation Y enjoys living in their parent’s basement with free food and laundry for life, because they didn’t quite get what they thought they were entitled too.
So much for saving the plant.

I’m Scott Thompson.

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