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August 2016

Terrorist or lost soul looking for a vehicle to facilitate hate?

Aug 12, 2016 5:00 AM
Scott Thompson

Canadians are scratching their heads trying to figure out how an average young boy, who loses his mother, grows up to become a domestic terrorist?

There are many who walk amongst us who are disenfranchised and mad at the world for whatever reason, some legitimate, some not.

But what kind of person decides to manifest their hate by threatening and engaging in suicidal terrorist behaviour?

Arron Driver was a poster boy for the domestic terrorist profile living in quiet Strathroy.

But what sent him over the edge to want to kill?

I find it odd that he posted a threatening video before his plan was even engaged.

A video which ultimately lead officials right to his door, thank goodness, before the crime.

Is that an ISIS terrorist or a wannabe looking for attention?

It seems to me like another mentally ill person who is using religion (and ISIS) as a vehicle to vent their outrage instead of receiving the psychological help they need to overcome their underlying issues.(like the loss of a mother).

Either way, as we’ve seen, the result can be the same.

I’m Scott Thompson.


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Ontarians pay more for electricty than anyone in North America

Aug 11, 2016 5:00 AM
Scott Thompson

Yesterday was a big day for Ontarians!

“Today we learned that Ontario Hydro One customers officially pay the highest residential electricity rates in North America, after our province’s fast-increasing rates surpassed Hawaii’s.”

That is a quote from a PC press release and their energy critic John Yakabuski.

“It’s very clear, for Ontario ratepayers, life is harder under the Wynne Liberals,” he concluded.

Is this the straw that will finally break the camels back?

Is this the statistic that will finally resonate with voters?

You are now paying more for electricity than anyone in North America?

Yes our air is cleaner but it would have been anyway with technology.

What’s missing is the most efficient way to pay for it all and generate jobs that are NOT subsidized..

We all want a clean environment to pass on to our kids.

But at what point is this ‘activism ideology’ replaced with an industry vision and due diligence?

Congrats Ontario, on having the highest residential electricity rates in North America!

How does that feel?

I’m Scott Thompson.


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Teach your kids safety

Aug 10, 2016 5:00 AM
Scott Thompson

You may have heard the story of a 10 year old boy who lost his life on what was billed as the largest water slide in the world.

The ride in Kansas City has a drop greater than Niagara Falls but it was the second hill that threw the 10 year old to his death.

The tragedy is under investigation. 

Many questioned why a boy of his size was allowed on the ride and even the effectiveness of the restraining device.

He was cleared to board.

It’s tragedies like this, when we question the trust we put in those who are responsible for our kids’ safety.

But in the end, as a parent we can always say, No.

I can pull my kids in a tube behind a boat and after dumping them into the lake they’ll still yell, “faster, higher, harder, Dad!”

It’s up to us, with the supposed bigger brain to say, lets’ think about this first.

Part of raising kids is to help them recognize when they may be in danger and how to react.

Sometimes that means not participating, until older.

I’m Scott Thompson.


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Paralympics have more credibility

Aug 9, 2016 5:00 AM
Scott Thompson

I am a supporter of the Olympics and was lucky enough to have worked in Calgary and experienced their version in the winter of 1988.

However what I have noticed since then, is an increasing arrogance by those running the governing IOC?

It starts with the corruption involved in bidding for the games and is followed by the lack of transparency in regard to their cheating athletes, who go on to win.

This week the International Paralympic Olympic committee did what the International Olympic Committee didn’t have the balls to do.

They removed the Russian Paralympic team from this year’s Olympics for operating a systemic doping campaign that was endorsed from top officials on down.

Kudos to them!

But you have to ask why Paralympians are paying the penalty but not their able body countrymen and women?

You have to admire all athletes for their dedication and commitment.

But especially Paralympians who have the courage to overcome personal obstacle as well.

I guess it’s that same courage and character that demands honesty in sport and is sorely missing from the IOC.

I’m Scott Thompson.


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Help Hamilton fire family

Aug 8, 2016 5:00 AM
Scott Thompson

We all heard the tragic story of a Hamilton family devastated by a blow handed to them early Saturday morning when their Niagara St. house caught fire.

Eleven people were in the home when the blaze broke out.

All escaped, except a mother and her two young children.

A family member identified Victoria Marie, her son Robert and daughter Abigail as those who perished.

A web page has been created to help the family.

The fire is still under investigation but is another reminder to be vigilant when it comes to safety in the home.

This might be a good time to make sure you have working smoke and CO2 detectors in your home and an escape plan ready in case of such an emergency.

Might also be a good time to give the ones you love a hug and tell them what they mean to you?

Because you never know when such tragedy can take them from you.

I’m Scott Thompson.


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July 2016

CHML Golf Tournament

Jul 22, 2016 5:00 AM
Scott Thompson

Here is somehting you should mark on your calendar for next year.

The CHML Children’s Fund Golf tournament.

Yesterday we hit the beautiful greens at Flamborougn Hills Golf and Country Club for another great event that saw thousands of dollars raised for children’s charities right across the greater Hamilton area.

It is a unique opportunity for us to get all of the outstanding contributing businesses, and citizens, together with the community support groups that do the great work on the streets of our communities.

It is a mirror of what we try to do every day.

Bring the community together through communication to benefit everyone.

The generosity of Hamilton never ceases to amaze me.

This is a city that looks after its own and we here at CHML see it every single day.

So thank you, to all those who helped again to support the CHML Children’s Fund Golf Tournament.

And book now to be a part of the movement next year.

I’m Scott Thompson.


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Why are you at a nude beach, if you're not naked?

Jul 21, 2016 5:00 AM
Scott Thompson

What is it about a Canadian summer that makes people ornery about taking off their clothes?

Perhaps it has something to do with our long cold winter.

Hanlan’s Point on Toronto Island has had a ‘clothing optional’ beach for over a decade now.

Remember when as soon as the hot weather arrived so did the discussion around going topless and clothing optional beaches?

It seems we’ve moved beyond that and no one really cares anymore.

Even further, it has got to the point where if you are clothed at this optional beach naturalists will mock you.

After all, you’re clothed and they are not.

One such couple complained that they were harassed by two older naked men for not conforming.

I can see the nudists point, (as well as their private parts).

Why are you visiting a clothing optional beach if you are not interested in getting naked?

To me, that is freakier than those who just want to sun in the buff.

I’m Scott Thompson.



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CRA fraud call...

Jul 20, 2016 5:00 AM
Scott Thompson

We have all heard about the various scams that regularly try to bilk citizens of their money.

Whether it’s guy trying to sell you a water heater at your front door or a telemarketer over the phone it seems no one is safe from these predators.

So when I discovered a message on my voice mail demanding I, or my lawyer, immediately call the Canada Revenue Agency (and if I didn’t it would be held against me) I actually started to laugh.

Are they serious, I thought?  I knew immediately it was a hoax and went on with my life.

But when they left a message the second time, I got ticked.

I played the full message on the radio and even placed a call live to the supposed ‘officer’ who called.

As soon as the person on the phone (who was the same voice as on the message) realized I was not at the same phone number he called, he promptly hung up.

Revealing, if you ask any questions of these people or cause suspicion, they will flee.

Not because they are scared you are onto them, but because there are so many others out there who will give them the info they want with no questions asked.

Just another reason to ban any kind of telemarketing, so we know if we get it, it’s fraudulent.

I’m Scott Thompson.

Hear call here: 


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Forget slogans, just love one another...

Jul 19, 2016 5:00 AM
Scott Thompson

In the wake of protest around police shootings of black men in the U.S., we now have another alarming trend.

Police have become the target of hate in revenge for the above.

Today its seems everyone is some sort of target.

True, you cannot compare countries but we seem to be filled with a lot of hate lately while we find our own comfort group to latch onto.

 Even the terminology we use to discuss such issues has come under scrutiny.

The same groups that demand inclusion often don’t want to include others in their discussions.

Isn’t communication with each other the point?

Which may explain why the sister of slain black Baton Rouge police officer Montrell Jackson said,

“It’s coming to the point where no lives matter, whether you’re black or white or Hispanic or whatever.”

Perhaps it’s time to put away the slogans, and just love one another. One love.

I’m Scott Thompson.


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Most want peace...

Jul 18, 2016 5:00 AM
Scott Thompson

When a black parent has to tell their black child that life is not always equal, and to be cautious of authority, something is wrong.

When a society starts to turn against the men and women it employs to protect them, something is wrong.

Over the weekend we heard of yet another shooting of police officers in the United States, which makes us question the society we now live in.

We must remember Canada is not the US where gun culture and inclusion are quite different, to say the least.

That does mean we can be smug and turn a blind eye to the issue of equality.

There are plenty of example of what can happen when people are not treated equally, until proven otherwise.

It’s not about critiquing our differences, it’s about celebrating our similarities.

And most want peace…

I’m Scott Thompson.


Monday on The Scott Thompson Show!

Why is there so much hate in the world? 905-645-3221



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