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May 2015

The city council 'suck & blow'!

May 8, 2015 5:00 AM
Scott Thompson

After spending tons on litigation city councillor Duvall spoke up and said, of the 29 city firings in which all but 6 were rehired, maybe we should have used some ‘progressive discipline’ instead of mass firings.

Really?  There’s nothing like closing the barn door after all of the horses have run off.

Why wasn’t that thought of before this all started? And why weren’t the managers fired? How could they not know what was going on?

Then we move to the hole where Councillor Whitehead is asking you to stand in so the worker doing his job putting in mail boxes can’t continue.

Followed up with a grandstanding picture tweeted showing the councillor and worker discussing the stop work order that has no bearing on his job or the councillors duties.

On one hand a councillor complains no one is working, on the other we have a councillor who is stopping a worker from doing his job.

Once again we are witnessing city councillors trying to suck and blow at the same time.

Who cares about results, as long as you can make it look like you’re actually doing something?

What’s the common denominator in these action?

No leadership!

I’m Scott Thompson.


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Alberta casts a protest vote

May 7, 2015 5:00 AM
Scott Thompson

Will the wave of Alberta NDP orange splash Ontario?

It’s been a couple of days and yet most political pundits are still talking about the orange crush that caused the province to make a sharp turn to the left.

For a province that has steered right for over 40 years, I’m surprised this sudden swing left didn’t send it barrel rolling over upside down like a chuck wagon at Stampede.

Even Thomas Mulcair, normally high school principal angry, was New Year’s Eve like. 

So why the deviation?

Simple, fed up voters who wanted to send a message of change.

I’ve always said there is no better way to teach your favourite political party a lesson then to have them sit on the sidelines for a while.

Just ask the federal Liberals and provincial Conservatives.

Voters do not like to be told to go to the polls simply because it favours the governing party.

Remember when David Peterson’s Liberals lost to Bob Rae’s NDP?

They also don’t like being ignored, being taken for granted or arrogance.

I hope every political party is paying attention.

I’m Scott Thompson.


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When do the parents and kids have a say, instead of the unions and political parties who bully them?

May 6, 2015 5:00 AM
Scott Thompson

Ontario’s 73,000 public elementary teachers will begin job action on Monday.

No one really know what the means because that is all part of the scare tactic in these silly games.

The whole process is designed to threaten education and hold our kids hostage.

That’s the power they enjoy and will use when they see fit.  All at the expense of you.

“Give in to our demands”, or your kid has their school privileges revoked until the babies in the sandbox get what they want.

Unions are making the great average teacher and occupation look bad.

As a guy whose is 50, I have lived through many a teachers strike or threat of from the 1970’s with my own education to today with my kids.

Despite a Liberal, NDP, or Progressive Conservative government nothing has changed.

Simply, the teachers unions cannot get along with any of them.

When are the kids and parents going have a voice, instead of the unions and the political parties who 'bully' them?

I’m Scott Thompson.




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Wynne gave Hamilton LRT, then took it back...

May 5, 2015 5:00 AM
Scott Thompson

In the furry (or sandbox) that is question period, for a brief moment yesterday in the Ontario Legislature, Premier Kathleen Wynne gave Hamilton LRT and then promptly took it back.

As the political B.S. was flying around Queens Park Wynne wound herself up into such a frenzy she yelled,

"If we don't work with Hamilton and build that LRT, and make sure we get that infrastructure in place Mr. Speaker, then the boom that's happening in Hamilton can't continue."

"I'm not going to stand by and let that happen."

Immediately everyone broke into applause, further proof they really don’t listen to what each other is saying and this went right over their heads.

A couple of minutes later, a less confused, level headed Wynne emerged to clarify saying,

"I referenced the Hamilton LRT when I was talking about projects," Wynne said. "Line 30 in the budget, Mr. Speaker. I should have said either the Huron main L.R.T. Or the Hamilton rapid transit, Mr. Speaker. Point of correction."

Maybe it’s a Freudian slip and we are getting LRT or perhaps history will prove that this may have been the closest we ever got to LRT.

No wonder Hamiltonians are confused. Clearly so are our leaders.

I’m Scott Thompson.


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Think of a name a kid would like the least

May 4, 2015 5:00 AM
Scott Thompson

The Royals had another baby over the weekend…

Did you watch the festivities?

Do you care?

The princess is fourth in line for the British throne, after her grandfather Charles, her father William and her older brother George.

She will be known formally as Her Royal Highness, Princess (name) of Cambridge.

A number of London landmarks including Tower Bridge were lit in pink over the weekend to commemorate her birth.

As soon as Prince William and Kate celebrated the arrival of their daughter immediately everyone, including bookies, started speculating on a name.

Charlotte and Alice are top guesses.

Other top possibilities included Olivia, Victoria, Elizabeth, Alexandra and Diana, the name of William's late mother and sentimental favourite.

Think of a name a kid would least like, and that’s what it will be.

One thing is certain, anything is better than George.

I’m Scott Thompson.


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What is the solution to our ongoing teacher’s union problems?  905-645-3221



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Nature is like a bad Disney movie

May 1, 2015 5:00 AM
Scott Thompson

After a long cold winter most are excited about the spring weather and this weekend should be a nice one.

The bird’s chirping, the smell of grass growing, and flowers blooming, nature is everywhere.

Yesterday morning my wife and I saw the smallest bunnies out in our back yard.

They looked like they were taking their first steps in the great outdoors.

Also enjoying the great outdoors was a racoon who has been hanging around of late.

You know where this story is going don’t you?

Next thing you know we see the raccoon sitting on the fence enjoying a bunny breakfast to the horror and cries of the neighbourhood kids.

One moment it was all warm and fuzzy, the next it was death and destruction. Kind of like a Disney move.

Which made it a lot easier to sell to the kids.

Enjoy the season, and your weekend!

I’m Scott Thompson.


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Can you see more unions or less in the coming decades?   905-645-3221









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April 2015

City worker shuffle...

Apr 30, 2015 5:00 AM
Scott Thompson

Out of the 29 workers originally blown out by the city for bagging off on the job, 6 will remain fired.
Some may look at that and see failure.

In the private sector these cases would have never got this far.

That being said, despite some even getting back pay after reinstatement, most did not and all are under probation and on record.

Nine mangers were also suspended, 4 retired, another resigned.

I would imagine life is a lot different now around the old yard. At least one would hope. Or pray!

These people have been given a second chance but every eyeball (and security cam) will be on them to ensure they are doing their share.

Any employee who attempts such action now would be stupider than the original 6.

Message received.

Its unfortunate people had to lose their jobs before they got it.

I’m Scott Thompson.


Thursday on the Scott Thompson Show!

Will firings change city hall culture or perception?

Http://  905-645-3221








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Baltimore mother controls her little rioter...

Apr 29, 2015 5:00 AM
Scott Thompson

We all watched in horror a few nights ago when Baltimore erupted in violence that saw burning and looting  as a result of a black man dying while in police custody.

A narrative between the police and black community that has occurred too many times of late.

This is a complex issue that is rooted in a myriad of social and economic realities, not to mention history, in large U.S. urban centres.

It needs to be dealt with starting with the president and trickling down.

Many will offer opinion, after reflection.

But at time when the images are of fires burning, businesses looted, bottle and rock throwing, tear gas, cops in body armour, helmets, shields, and clubs, there is a positive image of stark contrast.

That of a neatly dressed mother wading into the mayhem to grab her 16 year old son by the scruff of his hoodie and drag him out while administering a good old fashion whoopin’.

She did what an army of riot police couldn’t do, discipline her son.

This one video, of many, has symbolized the ‘taking back’ of an American city.

And hopefully will inspire others to take the lead, rather than follow, or simply do nothing.

I’m Scott Thompson.

Watch video here:


Wednesday on The Scott Thompson Show!

Female faculty at McMaster get wage increase. Men don’t. Find out why?  905-645-3221


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Since when is less sex education good?

Apr 28, 2015 5:00 AM
Scott Thompson

Parent groups opposed to the new Ontario new sex ed curriculum are pulling their kids out of school for a week in May in protest.

A Facebook group called “Parents & Students on strike: one week no school,” says Ontario never consulted them on the new sex ed curriculum before implementation.

This despite the document being first revealed during the McGuinty era then sent back for improvement.

The group says the subject matter does not reflect their cultural values and the kids are too young to receive such information.

These groups concerns are largely based in cultural and religious views, which we must respect.

However technology has left us with a new reality, porn is much more today than your granddaddy’s old playboy magazine collection.

I’m not sure, allowing your kids the culture of a great Canadian education and then pulling them out of class because you don’t like the sex ed curriculum thus further denying them an education, is the answer.

Didn’t we have these discussions decades ago?

It seems our Canadian society is moving backwards to accommodate, rather than forward to educate.

Begging the question, since when is less education good?

I’m Scott Thompson







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Bruce Jenner real Kardashian story

Apr 27, 2015 5:00 AM
Scott Thompson

Millions watched over the weekend as former Olympian and Kardashian step dad Bruce Jenner told us of his life long struggle to be a woman.

He was the ironman of the Montreal ‘76 Olympics that graced the cover of the Wheaties cereal box.

He was even rumoured for the role of Superman that eventually went to Christopher Reeve.

The hype before the Diane Sawyer interview was intense, almost freak showish.

Sadly really, and displays how ahead of the curve on the issue Canada is to the US, but many will say not by much.

However as Jenner told his story we realized, and he admitted, he is the real story of the fake freak show that is the Kardashians.

Hopefully the interview helped people realize this is a very real issue which no one chooses, but lives with.

To deny the LGBT community the right to be themselves not only deprives them of their individuality, but society to be whole.

In the end, everyone deserves the opportunity to be happy, and loved.

I’m Scott Thompson.





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