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June 2016

Why would we want to loosen gun regulations?

Jun 16, 2016 5:00 AM
Scott Thompson

Just when many are begging America to tighten up their gun laws some Canadians are trying to loosen ours.

The same gun that slaughtered 49 people in Orlando is a legal restricted weapon in Canada.

An MP from B.C. is trying to get those restrictions reduced so the weapon can be fired outside a registered firing range by a qualified individual.

I cannot see a quality reason for that other than so Bubba can should up some beer cans on the farm.

I am not against gun ownership or those that take up the passion.

But once you cross the line into military grade or style of weapons, at what point to we say enough?

Right now you can buy an assault weapon in a U.S. Walmart.

The Orlando shooter purchased weaponry just days before his carnage.

The difference between Canada and the U.S. is culture, and that starts with common sense regulations.

I’m Scott Thompson.


Thursday on The Scott Thompson Show!

How do faulty speakers fasteners pass inspection at Tim Hortons Field? What else is faulty? 905-645-3221


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When does ones own allergy become ones responsibility?

Jun 15, 2016 5:00 AM
Scott Thompson

This city is looking into a year-long pilot project banning peanuts from 4 sports facilities after a parent, whose child is allergic, told a story of how they can’t take their kid to a Ticats game in fear of a reaction.
As a parent of 2 kids who have the same allergy I think this is a gross over reaction. This issue is more than manageable by the child and parent.
A predictable city councillor is leading the charge of this experiment, that one health official told us is hardly scientific, and wouldn’t yield much in the way of evidence either way.  
But sure makes for good media for those who feed off of it.
By the way the parent does not even want a ban, just a nut free zone.
I think we’d all like at council!
Like one councillor’s archaic view to keep home mail delivery, this is just another headline grabber to make it look like the usual suspects are doing something.
As the health expert suggested, this nothing more than a need for education and diligence for the child, the parent and society. Not over reaction.
As one listener put it….
‘WHEN does one’s own allergy, become one’s own responsibility??
I’m Scott Thompson.


Wednesday on The Scott Thompson Show!

Alex Pierson: Update from Tim Bosma murder trial at noon. 905-645-3221  

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Tim Bosma jury out, the rest wait.

Jun 14, 2016 5:00 AM
Scott Thompson

The jury is out at the Tim Bosma murder trial.
With four and a half months of testimony and the judge’s instructions behind them, it is now up to the jury to decide the fate of the two charged with his murder.
In that time we have heard of the fantasy land the accused lived in with no real respect for themselves, their actions, or the effect on others.
An almost childish game of pretend that had concluded with real life consequence, and no motive, other than the thrill.
Sadly Tim Bosma got caught up in the web of these two misguided souls and their inability to exist or reason beyond their own little world.
In a week where we have seen hatred kill 50 in Orlando, it confirms that some horrific tragedies like this just happen, simply because there are bad people in the world.
And sometimes, there is no other explanation than that.
I’m Scott Thompson.


Tuesday on The Scott Thompson Show!

What the jury did not hear in the Tim Bosma murder case. Alex Pierson takes your calls at noon. 905-645-3221

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How will Americans justify their latest mass killing???

Jun 13, 2016 5:00 AM
Scott Thompson

It will be interesting to watch how Americans justify yet another mass shooting in another American community.

This time their biggest ever.

Churches, schools, government offices, nightclubs, nothing seems to be immune in the land of the gun.

Many will be quick to point out the connections to terrorism but when are Americans going to stop facilitating these people regardless if they are domestic terrorists or mentally ill?

This was a domestic terrorist, American born, and able to purchase his weapons legally within days of the slaughter despite being a person of interest to the FBI.

How does that happen?

Terrorism or not, America’s gun culture is only helping to facilitate their missions.

Officials expressed everything from shock to horror.

But when just about anyone can get an assault rifle from a U.S. Walmart store, one thing they can’t be, is surprised.

I’m Scott Thompson.


Monday on The Scott Thompson Show!

How will U.S. stop shootings when you can buy assault weapons at Walmart? 905-645-3221





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City council is 'aging successfully' at your expense

Jun 10, 2016 5:00 AM
Scott Thompson

Hamilton City Council has approved revising our cities vision statement.

Yes there was consultation and a vote on this.

Our vision statement was ‘the best place to raise a child’ now it has been refreshed to say ‘the best place to raise a child and age successfully’.

Well it’s nice to know city council can come to agreement on the really important things in life.

Unlike stadiums, expressways and LRT which have agonizingly aged us waiting for their decisions.

Is that aging successfully?

Now that we have a revised vision statement, what do we do with it?

A good idea would be to put it on the sign everyone reads leading into Hamilton.

Oh yeah we don’t have one….!

That has been under review for over a decade now, any word? (crickets)

I think the only Hamiltonians ‘aging successfully’ are those lifers on our City Council.

I’m Scott Thompson.



Friday on The Scott Thompson Show!

Hockey legend Gordie Howe dies. Tim Bosma murder trial update at 1pm. 905-645-3221







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Wynne's numbers are wrong again

Jun 9, 2016 5:00 AM
Scott Thompson

Last year Premier Wynne and her 13 year old Ontario Liberal government told us the Pan Am Games came within in budget.

Today the Auditor General reported that was not the case.

But what’s a difference of $342 million these days?

Pocket change!

In the end the AG said, “value…was obtained, but at a significantly higher cost to Ontario taxpayers than originally planned.”

Hey, the Hammer got a new stadium out of it, even though the botch ups continue today!

So what if bonuses of over $5 million were paid despite over budget. It’s hard to get good people.

It may be tolerable if you don’t factor in gas plant scandals, eHealth, Ornge helicopters, and the $37 billion the same AG said we overspent on their green energy plan.

Who knows how much the new Climate Change Action Plan is going to end up costing us by the time it ends up on the Auditor Generals desk.

The government once again dismisses the report and what she has to say.

If you can’t trust the provinces independent accountant who can we trust?

I truly believe the Premier has her heart in the right place.

But her single minded activist attitude and lack of respect for your hard earned money, is getting stale.

I’m Scott Thompson.


Thursday on The Scott Thompson show!

Noon update w/ Alex Pierson on Tim Bosma Murder trial. 905-645-3221


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If Cardinal Newman Catholic Secondary School gets free stuff, why not leverage Nike for all?

Jun 8, 2016 5:00 AM
Scott Thompson

There has been lots of chatter over the years about the use of sponsorship in public schools.

Should we turn a blind eye to badly needed funds just because it comes with a company logo?

I remember in high school the battle was between Coke and Pepsi trying to get their pop machines into the cafeteria.

It turned into a bidding war that netted the school a nice sum while others battled over whether pop should be sold in the school at all.

Now Cardinal Newman Catholic S.S. is in the spotlight over its deal with a local distributor of Nike to supply all their athletes with gear.

Good for them.

Funds are badly needed for these, now deemed ‘extra curriculars’, why not tap into the private sector and save the dollars for the classroom.

I don’t think the issue here is whether we should take advantage of these opportunities.

The issue is, how do we do it for one school and not the rest? 

That is simply elitist, and should have been thought of before Cardinal Newman even bought in.

If it is such a great opportunity, why not leverage for all students.

I’m Scott Thompson.


Wednesday on The Scott Thompson Show!

If Hell is not an option; where should Hamilton LRT go, King or Main? 905-645-3221

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Suicide prevention requires talking to our kids....

Jun 7, 2016 5:00 AM
Scott Thompson

There is tragic news coming out of Woodstock Ontario where 5 young people have committed suicide in the last 4 months.

Many more attempts have been reported.

This would create waves anywhere but in a town of just over 30,000 it’s like waiting for a tsunami.

Reasons behind the deaths are not uncommon with stress being caused by bullying and anxiety.

Meetings are taking place between parents and officials. Health care workers are trying to ease concerns.

It seems stigma still surrounds suicide and some question whether acknowledgement helps or encourages others to do the same.

I think communication is key.

Kids don’t need their parents’ permission to speak their minds, they do it on social media every day.

Many times their parents are oblivious to what is going on or writing it off to adolescence.

A Facebook page set up by a concerned citizen is providing a platform for those who want to talk in the town.

And it seems to be working. 

Perhaps that’s what parents and officials should be focused on, communicating with the kids.

That’s what seems to be lacking these days.

I’m Scott Thompson.


Tuesday on The Scott Thompson Show!

How did Burlington mother find her lost son in California? 905-645-3221


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Praise of Muhammad Ali well deserved, but ironic...

Jun 6, 2016 5:00 AM
Scott Thompson

Millions are mourning the death of boxing legend Mohamed Ali.

Ali was a cultural icon of his era transcending not only sport but the civil rights movement.

He was as widely recognized for this battles outside the ring, as he was inside.

Including refusing to fight in Vietnam in a war he staunchly opposed for religious reasons, and going to jail.

Although fighting was his profession, he did not want to kill.

His excellence in his sport allowed him the platform needed to inflict change.

Now he is being praised as a hero.

How ironic this man, who converted to Islam, is praised in today’s environment for his peace efforts.

While some in America want to ban Ali’s brothers and sisters from the country, because they are Muslim, and celebrate the same religion he did.

I’m Scott Thompson.


Monday on The Scott Thompson Show!

Assisted dying law deadline passes. Now what? 905-645-3221





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Tim Bosma reminds us there are bad people out there...

Jun 3, 2016 5:00 AM
Scott Thompson

All sides have rested in the tragic Tim Bosma murder trial.

Next the judge will charge the jury and the rest is up to them.

Since February we have been riveted to the proceedings following the arrest of two for a murder no one could understand.

You could not find a person who had anything bad to say about Tim Bosma.

But how did he get messed up with these two, and how could it possibly end this way, over a truck?

The last 3 months have been a nightmare roller coaster ride into the minds of killers and the people they hang with.

How does someone end up so directionless?

How does someone end up with such a low regard for life they would resort to such a thing?

And the final question after the verdict is read...

Why did it have to cost a good man his life?

I’m Scott Thompson.


Friday on The Scott Thompson Show!

The crown rests in the Tim Bosma murder trial. An update at noon.

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