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January 2016

Teachers need a new leader

Jan 25, 2016 5:00 AM
Scott Thompson

I always found it interesting when some people would start a sentence or thought by saying, “Let me be honest with you”.

What does that mean? Why the need to qualify?

Does it mean every other time the person speaks they are dishonest?

So when Sam Hammond head union guru for the public elementary teachers federation (ETFO) starts a memo to teachers with the quote,

“We’re not trying to stir the pot but,” - Isn’t that his admission he is doing just that?

Of course the militant union leader has the right to tell his flock what to do and how to act; but his, us vs. them, mentality is not helping our teachers or students.

It’s time for teachers to do the right thing, and find a leader who has a more  modern solution rather than the bullying disruptions we’ve seen, which only harm our kids.

I’m Scott Thompson.


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Your comments count at CHML

Jan 22, 2016 5:00 AM
Scott Thompson

There has been lots of chatter, or lack thereof, of media organizations shutting down the comment section of their website due to negative postings.

These were initially designed to offer the user a voice and a chance to interact.

Some feel the anonymity of it all has turned into a cesspool society shouldn’t be proud of.

Valid point.

But is the answer to silence the voice technology has given us, just because we don’t like what is being said?

Why not do the opposite, and have a meaningful discussion on how to debate, with respect for each other’s view?

The answer is to responsibly monitor your site and remove individual posts when they are deemed hateful or unlawful.

I think this has more to do with money than morality, as someone has to be paid to watch the site.

No wonder some media is suffering. They’re missing the boat.

Not here at CHML, not only do we allow your comments on air and our website, we’re going HD!

I’m Scott Thompson.



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Thank goodness Metrolinx has final LRT say

Jan 21, 2016 5:00 AM
Scott Thompson

It was announced yesterday that Metrolinx will have the final say on all matters concerning LRT, over city council.

The question is…

Is there anyone who thinks it should be otherwise?

Not simply because Metrolinx is paying for it, but because our city council has proven time and time again they simply don’t have the capacity to make such city building decisions.

When the LRT discussion started, it was all about an east-west line linking McMaster to Eastgate.

Advocates and politicians wanted nothing to do with a north-south line until after the east-west line was built and successful.

Other than people like me screaming on deaf ears, it wasn’t until Kathleen Wynne arrived in town with the cheque and insisted it be connected to the GO train, did it even get mentioned.


That’s where LRT should start, than work outward.

And if that isn’t reason enough?


I’m Scott Thompson.


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Are the Trudeaus self centred or just friendly....

Jan 20, 2016 5:00 AM
Scott Thompson

Is the shine wearing off our first couple or are people still willing to put them on a pedestal of rock star status and let them do anything?

The Prime Minister’s wife turned more than a few heads when she broke into a song during a Martin Luther King ceremony at Ottawa’s City Hall.

Why she thought this impromptu performance would be appropriate is beyond most.

I’m not here to question her singing ability but her judgment and role as the PM’s partner.

The moment was about celebrating the historic contributions of MLK not the PM’s wife or her audition.   

I’m not sure where the song would be appropriate, maybe the opening of a new day care or shopping mall or her own personal You Tube account.

Clearly the moment was about her and not the late civil rights leader.

But when you have a husband who will use his PM celebrity to make other leaders wait while he poses for a selfie, (like he did at the funeral of former finance minister Jim Flaherty), why should we be surprised with this entitled couple or their juvenile self-centred behaviour.

I’m Scott Thompson.


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Why all the death in January?

Jan 19, 2016 9:23 AM
Scott Thompson

David Bowie last week Glenn Frey this week, add Alan Rickman to the mix, what is it with January and people dying?

Last weekend a good friend of mine lost his mother.

I’m sure there is no more death in January than there is in other months, but it seems after Christmas they have been dropping like flies.

Maybe I’m getting older and more aware of it, when you’re young, you think you’re indestructible and will live for ever.

But how long before I start talking to my friends about their illnesses and reading obituaries?

No wonder Blue Monday is in January.

Perhaps that is why Valentine’s Day is in February.

It encourages us to procreating to make up for the loss.

Thank goodness we’re almost there.

I’m Scott Thompson.


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Thanks to those who coach our kids!

Jan 18, 2016 5:00 AM
Scott Thompson

My daughter played in a hockey tournament in St Catharines over the weekend.

Their team did well with Alicia bagging a goal in the second game.

On Saturday night they played a chippy U.S. team seeing Alicia and another girl go tumbling into the boards on a breakaway. Scarey.

She was fine but the hit shook her up pretty good and couldn’t understand why the other team was so dirty.

Sore with her confidence waning it would have been easy to give up and mail the rest of it in.

But instead, on Sunday she got back on the horse and scored the tying goal despite being a younger and much smaller player.

Unfortunately they lost in the semi-final game but the lessons she learned this weekend, never give up and always do your best despite your limitations, will last a life time.

Thanks again to all the great coaches and parents who volunteer their time to give our kids this valuable experience.

I’m Scott Thompson.


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Jury selection begins today in the Tim Bosma murder trial.  905-645-3221  


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Where is Trudeau on Caledonia???

Jan 15, 2016 5:00 AM
Scott Thompson

Ask anyone in Southern Ontario about Caledonia and most will recall events surrounding the native land claim issue and a subdivision called Douglas Creek Estates.

A dark scare for this small town to carry that shares a community with Six Nations.

In 2006 anarchy ruled while government and law enforcement stood by and watched, leaving the town to fend for itself.

Which why I question why the Ontario Liberals would approve a subdivision of 3500 homes when the land is still being disputed from the last project.

The Ontario government has left it up to the developer and Six Nations to reach an agreement, which government hasn’t been able to do in generations.

Trudeau professed his love of First Nations during the federal election campaign.

Where is he and his provincial wing lady Premier Wynne on this one?

Here’s hoping they offer more than a selfie to Caledonia and Six Nations, and avoid another train wreck, like ten years ago.

I’m Scott Thompson.


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Should government approve housing projects, before native land claims settled? 905-645-3221

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Powerball Lottery!

Jan 14, 2016 5:00 AM
Scott Thompson

Many have fantasized over the last couple of days about winning the latest Powerball’s jackpot in the U.S.

But the dream talk of big homes, decadent vacations and fast cars have quickly turned to the legal ramifications of winning such a prize.

Are Canadians eligible to play? Yes.  Will the money be taxed? Yes there, no here.

However if you take a lump sum payment instead of the installments over 29 years, you will end up paying more in tax.

In the end, of course you’ll quit your job as managing your fortune will consume all your energy as will beating off the shysters.

However that is a responsibly I would be willing take on if I wasn’t too cheap to buy lottery tickets.

I wouldn’t be worried about the legal wrangling’s, or what I would do with the money.

I’d be more concerned about the wacky distant and, not so wacky and distant friends and relatives, looking for a piece of pie.

Your first order of business may not be a mansion, but security.

I’m Scott Thompson.

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Dome over Tim Horton's Field, how could it hurt?

Jan 13, 2016 5:00 AM
Scott Thompson

Local soccer enthusiasts want to put a giant bubble over Tim Horton’s Field.

The reason, the Hammer has always had a rich soccer history and shows no signs of slowing down.

Simply put, the sport needs more places to play, especially in the winter.

The idea is to put a dome over the field and fill it with soccer players to train in winter.

Apparently 5 pitches could fit inside.

Here’s the real good news, it won’t cost the city a dime as private money would fund such a facility.

No one knows at this point whether this pie in the sky, or bubble on the field, will work but it has generated some chatter.

Considering the location issues the stadium faces, any extra use beyond a CFL team would be greatly appreciated by most.

At least if we add a dome over the stadium we could paint the outside to look like a neighbourhood and no one would even know it’s there.

Oh yeah, we already have that, don’t we.

I’m Scott Thompson.


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Muslims take note: White people on ‘watch list’ too. 905-645-3221 

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A David Bowie exit...

Jan 12, 2016 5:00 AM
Scott Thompson

Music plays a significant role in our life, no matter how intense the fan.

It adds colour and depth to raw emotion.

Years later it has the ability to take us back to the circumstances in which we first heard it, no matter of the era.

Every generation has their soundtrack, mostly filled with the flavours of the day.

There are some artists that transcend several generations, David Bowie was one of those artists.

The album and video released just days before his death at 69 from cancer, is just as creative, innovative, and relevant as any of his work.

We can all learn from his passion to grow, and forever experiment with the boundaries of life and change.

And in a life cut way too short, we couldn’t have imagined a better exiting project for him.

I’m Scott Thompson. 


Tuesday on The Scott Thompson show!

Could Tim Hortons Field become a dome?  905-645-3221 



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