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April 2016

Who should decide when you die?

Apr 15, 2016 5:00 AM
Scott Thompson

Our government has presented legislation to allow doctor assisted death in Canada.

Despite the vast majority of Canadians in favour of it, it seems to be a very visibly divisive issue.

Is it? OR are the opponents of it just really good at getting our attention?

This discussion has been occurring in debate classes for decades, and is no less explosive now.

One side of the debate says this legislation goes too far, the other says, this does not go far enough.

We should never stop asking questions when giving others the responislbity to take a life.

But that does not mean there isn’t justification in doing it.

In the end, I believe in the freedom of choice.

If you don’t believe, don’t do it.

But should those prevent others who do?

If you are not hurting anyone else, doesn’t every individual have the right to make their choice to live or die?

How much more humane can you get?

I’m Scott Thompson.


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Women only Uber

Apr 14, 2016 5:00 AM
Scott Thompson

With all the hype and chatter around Uber ride sharing we shouldn’t be surprised different variations on the theme are sprouting up.

The latest operating in Boston is called Chariots for Women.

The service is designed for all female customers and all female drivers. Kids are exempt.

The service is in response to attacks on women by both taxi drivers and Uber drivers in the news of late.

It also boasts an extra layer of security with deeper background checks and code words between driver and passenger.

And 2% of each sale goes to the women’s charity of the passengers’ choice.

Not only doe this provide a service to women it also creates jobs in an industry largely dominated by men.

Sounds perfect doesn’t it?

But isn’t it discriminatory in today’s age to offer a service solely based on gender?

Don’t you hate it when political correctness gets in the way of a good idea?

I’m Scott Thompson.


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Is 'Stariway to Heaven' a rip off?

Apr 13, 2016 5:00 AM
Scott Thompson

A U.S. judge has ordered a trial to see if Led Zeppelin’s Stairway to Heaven is a rip off of a Spirit song called Taurus.

The unknown California band says, or their estate says, Zeppelin stole their riff and make millions off it.

Listen to both and you can be the judge.

But pop music travels in 3-5 year cycles and it’s very common to have a sound that is prevalent through any given cycle by many artists.

Now that pop music is approaching 70 years of age we can expect more of this as new audiences are exposed to older music.

You hear old riffs all the time in new music.

If you copy someone’s music melody or lyrics you will have to pay.

Capturing a sound is just an influence of the day.

In the end, my guess is the judge will say, ‘not guilty’.

This is enough to sound similar, but not a copy.

Look at it as just another of the many things that were shared in the late 1960’s and early 70’s.

Sex, drugs and rock n’ roll.

I’m Scott Thompson.


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McCartney a 'bucket list' show

Apr 12, 2016 5:00 AM
Scott Thompson

How much would you pay to see your favourite concert, show or act?

This question came up in our house this past weekend when I asked my wife if she wanted to see Paul McCartney at First Ontario Centre.

Yes she screamed. Until I mentioned the price range. The tickets peak at $325. And go on sale Friday.

Yes you can always buy the cheaper tickets but in this price range the cheapest tickets go first.

Unlike most show that sell out from the front row to back, these will sell out from back to front (like the Rolling Stones).

Simply put most don’t have north of $500. for 2 concert tickets before you get to dinner, drinks, parking and a baby sitter if needed.

With this being a ‘bucket list’ show demand will be high and a sellout imminent.

However with presales, and front of the line groups, the only thing left standing may be you in an obstructed view or single.

The question is when it’s all over, will be glad you went, or ticked off you missed it?

The line forms to the right.

I’m Scott Thompson.


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The graduation dress

Apr 11, 2016 5:00 AM
Scott Thompson

My daughter has her grade 8 graduation this year.

My daughter is very excited, my wife is in tears cause her baby’s growing up, and all I can think is they never wore dresses like that at my graduation.

The picking of the graduation dress can be quite a ritual, which neither I nor my son understand, but we were told we’re not supposed to.

Fortunately we didn’t have to go through the mail experience with them, although it felt like we were there all weekend as pictures and text messages were flying.

Finally she sent through a shot of herself in a shiny blue sparkly thing.

I had to take a step back to realize it was my daughter looking more like a little lady than my little girl.

I couldn’t help but go to my ‘Dad default’ position and said, nice, but where’s the rest of it?

Does it come with a jacket or shawl? What’s holding it up?

Does it come with straps?

Does it come with a tarp, or better yet, a burlap sack?

I love the dress, it’s what it attracts that scares the hell out of me.

I’m Scott Thompson.


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Can you make fun of fat people just because you are fat?

Apr 8, 2016 5:00 AM
Scott Thompson

If you are happy being fat, and don’t mind being called fat, does that mean you have the right to refer to others as fat?

A former employee of a plus size retailer thinks, yes.

Her employer calls their customers ‘curvy or shapely’ and thinks her Facebook post does not represent their company.

So they fired her.

Her post reads, “Conquering the world, one well-dressed fat lady at a time."

I’m glad she is happy with herself and overcame her lack of self-confidence, but it’s not about her. 

It’s about their customers who may not be as confidant.

And who says all who use a plus size retailer are fat? They could be just big.

You could say its society’s fault that there is such stigma around the word fat and she is a hero.


Or perhaps she is using political correctness to avoid taking responsibility for just insulting someone?

The same way she felt insulted before gaining such confidence.

I’m Scott Thompson.


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Political correctness works both ways

Apr 7, 2016 5:00 AM
Scott Thompson

Have you noticed lately there are a growing number of ads on T V and radio that purposely make the man look stupid?

Situations that if they were reversed, and it was the man saying such things to a woman, it would be branded sexist or degrading.

There is a popular trend in advertising to use what the industry calls the ‘dumb man’ premise.

They are often the same stereotypes used back in the 1950’s but the genders are reversed.

This doesn’t bother me because I understand who they are trying to appeal to.

However when you hear the hot water Toronto Blues Jays manager John Gibbons is in for a comment he made after a close loss, you have stick up for the guys.

Gibbons said, "maybe we'll come out and wear dresses tomorrow” commenting on a questionable call over a rough play.

Twitter lit up, calling him every word associated with sexist.

My point is, if you want to live in such a sterile world where only the politically correct is accepted, it must work for both genders.

Like acknowledging there are lots of men who suffer from spousal abuse, as well as women.

How about respecting everyone?

And it starts by keeping things in context.  It is entertainment.

I’m Scott Thompson.


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Smoke, mirrors, and political fundraising...

Apr 6, 2016 5:00 AM
Scott Thompson

Premier Kathleen Wynne has announced she is cancelling her private fundraisers and is telling members of her cabinet to do the same.

This after some had to raise as much as $500,000 a year for the party as well as perform their duties as minister for the taxpayer.

The idea is you pay to get into these big dinners to get face time with politicians who can greatly influence the success of your business.

You know, that whole ‘government contract’ thing.

A recent $2.5 million night for the Liberals raised red flags and had lots crying for reform.

Once outed by reporters Wynne flip flopped and will now stop the process.

The Premier said all party’s do it, and they do, except in provinces where it is outlawed and at the Federal level.

However the big difference is, it isn’t the NDP or PC’s that are in government and awarding contracts and privilege.

No one should be doing it, and certainly not someone in a position of power.

It’s a typical ‘pot calling the kettle black’ scenario, that would have remained a secret between all of them, if it wasn’t for the news media.

No wonder voters are cynical.

I’m Scott Thompson.


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Baseball food

Apr 5, 2016 5:00 AM
Scott Thompson

Opening day at baseball parks around America is a lot like open day of the CNE, at least when it comes to the food.

Both have dietary creations that challenge the stomach as well as the taistbuds.

Take for example the Burgerizza now available at the home of the Atlanta Braves.

It consists of 20 ounces of grilled beef patty, 6 slices of cheese, 8 slices of bacon, inserted between two 8 inch peperoni pizzas.

That translates to, 890 calories, 58 grams fat, 25 grams saturated fat, 160 milligrams cholesterol, 1580 milligrams sodium, 43 grams carbohydrates, 2 grams fiber, 6 grams sugar.

That’s when it’s divided into 4 servings, for those who can’t eat something as big as their head.

In Cleveland it was the Slider Dog, a hot dog topped with bacon mac-n-cheese and Froot Loops.

In Pittsburgh, they are covering their hot dog in Cracker Jack.

How about a combo that comes with a side order of Tums and a cell phone to call 9-1-1, for when you go into cardiac arrest.

I’m Scott Thompson.


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Spring snow as Canadian as hockey, bacon and taxes.

Apr 4, 2016 5:00 AM
Scott Thompson

A couple of weeks ago the temperature was hovering around 15 degrees.

I considered unpacking some patio furniture to sit out back.

But I through better of it…

You know the story,,, ‘It can always snow in April!’

My brother in law, on the same weekend, took off his snow tires.

I told him about my patio furniture dilemma and, sounding like my dad, warned him…we could get snow in April.

I remember one day in April it snowed so much my buddy and I went snowmobiling instead of going to high school, which was closed.

The Around the Bay Road Race was bumped back, many were hoping, that would mean for more summery weather.

SO much for that.

Climate change, or not, it is not uncommon for us to get snow in April, it’s part of being Canadian.

Like Tim Hortons, hockey, bacon and taxes.

I’m Scott Thompson.




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