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June 2017

Truth is out: Trump is his own "fake news"

Jun 23, 2017 5:00 AM
Scott Thompson

As if we needed any, we have further proof Donald Trump will be responsible for his own demise.

Yesterday the U.S. President admitted there are, in fact, no recordings of the meetings between former F.B.I. director James Comey and himself.

Really? What a surprise!

Then why did Trump bring it up in the first place?

It’s his office, wouldn’t he know?

The Trump camp alluded he was just trying to convince Comey to tell the truth at the congressional investigation into Russian collusion.

However, it was quite obvious, Comey said nothing flattering about Trump during his testimony.

Trump’s creation of a narrative suggesting there was a recording, is another example of Trump shooting from the hip, leaving his staff and the rest of the world trying to figure out if he is telling the truth or not.

For a person who constantly complains about “fake news” he certainly seems to be creating a lot of it himself.

After all, he was the one that started the thread.

Forget investigations, Russia, China, and North Korea, The Donald is a self-inflicted wound that can’t stop harming himself.

Here’s hoping the rest of the world isn’t collateral damage, as he shoots himself in the foot yet again.




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Canadian charged in U.S. terror attack, how will Trump react?

Jun 22, 2017 5:00 AM
Scott Thompson

A retired police lieutenant, now airport officer, has been stabbed in the neck in a terrorist attack at a Flint Michigan airport.

The person in custody charged with terrorism offenses is a 50 year old Canadian living with his family in Montreal.

Amor Ftouhi exited a washroom, where he dropped his bags, came out with a knife and yelled, “Allah is greater” in Arabic before stabbing the officer in the neck.

By sheer luck, the officer will recover.

Soon after, the RCMP raided the attacker’s family home in Montreal in cooperation with the FBI who is leading the investigation.

They feel it is an isolated incident and not part of a greater plan.

We have seen after the attack at a London mosque terrorism comes in every shape, size, colour, race and religion.

Canada welcomes all, but you know this will be fodder for those who think we are too politically correct when it comes to people’s ideology.

Proving we have still not found the balance between religious freedom and national security.

Many feared the day this may happen, when someone enters the U.S. from Canada and commits such a crime.

How long before Donald Trump’s version of the war on terror affects us here in Canada.

We are about to find out.

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Dog owners should be trained

Jun 21, 2017 5:00 AM
Scott Thompson

Why is it dog owners feel it is okay to let their dog do their business on your lawn?

Yes, most do stoop and scoop, but that’s not the point.

The urine, especially from female dogs, kills the grass and leave dead spots.

You just have to look at my neighbour’s yard to realize that.

Dog walkers in my hood have those extendable leashes which let the dog walk almost right up to your front door.

Since when is that okay?

Just because you’re standing on the street doesn’t mean your dog has a right to my lawn or garden.

When I was a kid walking my dog, we were taught to keep our animal off people’s property, unless invited.

It’s not as if there isn’t plenty for room for your dog to walk without using someone else’s lawn as your pet toilet.

Use your own lawn!

Would you like me to pee on your lawn?

This isn’t the fault of the pet, but owners who haven’t been trained properly in the responsibilities of dog ownership.

Perhaps the license, leash and mussel, should be on the owner, not the dog.

I’m Scott Thompson.

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Now that terrorism has crossed all walks of life, who do we blame

Jun 20, 2017 5:00 AM
Scott Thompson

The latest terror attack in London where a man ran his rental van into a crowd of Muslim worshipers as they exited their mosque has an odd twist of irony.

Proving the fight on terror has to evolve as the type of terrorist does.

At one time this was all about those who came from a faraway land with a different ideology and under appreciation of the world we live in.

It was about extremists who were using religion as a vehicle for their hate and destruction.

Then it was those traveling freely from one part of the world to the other recruiting and spreading the hate, while penetrating borders.

Followed by the home grown or domestic terrorist.

Someone who was raised in the western world but has been radicalized with the same extreme religious ideology to exploit their struggles in life.

And now we have the latest attack on the worshipers exiting the London mosque.

There doesn’t appear to be any religious ideology involved.

It doesn’t look like the attacker traveled to another part of the world as an ISIS sympathizer to gain knowledge and support.

There are no signs he studied to build a bomb and certainly didn’t appear to be willing to take his own life in the name of his God.

His background appears to be nothing more than a locally born and raised uneducated white guy who thinks all Muslims are terrorists.

How ironic is it he himself is now considered to be that terrorist, and those who he attacked actually protected him from an understandably angry crowd, who held him for police.

So now that terrorism seems to have crossed every walk of life, who do we blame?

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Thanks Aunt Shirley and Uncle John!

Jun 19, 2017 5:00 AM
Scott Thompson

This past weekend my cousins laid to rest their mother, my Aunt Shirley.

My Aunt Shirley was one of nicest, most generous people I’ve ever met.

She and her husband, Uncle John, were very inspirational and supportive of me choosing the unconventional career path I did.

As kids there was no better call to get on a hot weekend morning then from my Aunt Shirley.

It meant three words, pool party BBQ!

When we gathered to celebrate her life the room was filled with family, friends, and pictures of all I have described.

Something that plays out with families every day around the world.

It was said, funerals are not for the dead, but the living.

To teach us to stop and take stock of what is truly important in life.

So to the Aunt Shirley’s and Uncle John’s of world, from those of us who’ve lost you:

Thanks, message heard loud and clear!

I’m Scot Thompson.

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How much more can London endure?

Jun 15, 2017 5:00 AM
Scott Thompson

Many questions remain after that horrific apartment fire in London as the death toll continues to rise.

Why was there only one stair case up and down in a 24 story building?

Why were there no fire alarms or sprinkler systems?

Why when so many voiced concern over lack of safely precautions, was no action taken.

The reality of such a tragedy hit home when we were talking to Global News reporter Jeff Semple.

He was at community centre a few blocks away from the fire, where residents would gather to find out the fate of their friends and loved ones.

People roaming with pictures and calling out names in hope someone would answer or direct them to a miracle.

While taking to us live, screams break out as someone else is informed their loved one didn’t make it.

You can feel their pain in the pit of your stomach even though you never met them.

Soon the crowd grows frustrated and angry over lack of information and preventative measures.

Fights start to break out, people are pushing and shoving, police arrive to control the crowds and try to quell the melee.

We have to end our conversation.

After a deep breath, you have to wonder how much more the U.K. can endure.

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Has religion kept up with Canada

Jun 14, 2017 5:00 AM
Scott Thompson

Half of the people in this country believe religion does more harm than it does good.

That is the result of an Ipsos poll conducted by Global News.

To be clear, fifty one percent just over half, agreed with that statement.


When I was growing up, Canada was becoming more secular, the Lord’s Prayer was removed from schools.

Not that religion didn’t matter, more of there was a proper place for it, your place of worship.

What has changed?

The move, in North America, was to keep a separation between church and state.

Believe what you wish, feel free, but the law is the law.

As our country has progressed, many feel religion has not kept up.

As our world has become more inclusive, religion has not.

This is a message about a society that is not advancing, rather than one that is declining.

It’s not about tolerance, it’s about acceptance.

Which ironically means, getting rid of those, who don’t believe in peace and the lives of others.

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Hamilton water falls once promoted, now a problem

Jun 13, 2017 5:00 AM
Scott Thompson

When I arrived I Hamilton back in 1990, it was a city that was looking for anything positive to hang its hat on after years of decline from the old ‘ambitious city’ days.

One of the early grassroots movements in this city were those who loved nature and wanted to promote Hamilton’s geographical beauty instead of its industrial past.

A campaign grew out of that love to brand Hamilton as a ‘city of waterfalls’.

A secret, soon to be out of the bag, already known by those who lived here for years.

Add the speed of social media and love of the ‘selfie’ and we have a whole other dimension to Hamilton’s exploding renaissance.

So how do we manage the resulting problems of overcrowding and lack of respect for these natural attractions?

It amazes me that people will debate until ice thaws, a ban on tobogganing and a ban on road hockey which were illegal in Hamiton up until recently, but stay silent on the constant barrage of rescues.

When we are regularly hearing stories about emergency rope rescues involving those who got too close or simply fell, are we surprised someone has lost their life?

Yes, those other bylaws were an overreaction, but what will it take for any reaction on this issue?

The answer is, when the city gets sued.

When you’re selling an attraction and can’t protect the ignorant it becomes a legal problem.

Forget lawsuits with road hockey and tobogganing, wait until this hits the courts.

Suggestions of solution are various and difficult, but one needs to be found, before this gets out of hand.

Some say, it already has...


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Enough of the Donald, what about America and the rest of the world?

Jun 9, 2017 5:00 AM
Scott Thompson

There was a wall of photographers, several deep, clicking pictures.

If you closed your eyes you’d swear you were on a red carpet at the Oscars.

Except the cheering fans were replaced with an eerie silence.

The smiling faces and glamourous outfits substituted with grey suits and stoic expressions.

This was the much anticipated testimony of former FBI Director James Comey before the Senate Intelligence Committee investigation into Russian collusion surrounding the U.S. election.

Not only news crews from around the world, but also viewing parties set up by local establishments in and out of Washington, made the day feel more like a sporting event or awards show.

Comey confirmed the details of what he released the day before, later in the day Donald Trump’s lawyer repeated his slant on the facts in his clients’ favour.

Now the spin and decoding begins.

In the end, I’m not sure the U.S. will be any further ahead after the dust settles.

At what point do the American people say ‘enough of the drama’, let’s get some work done for the people!

The sad part is, they voted for the anti-establishment candidate to get away from all this.

Now it appears the show is all about The Donald, and less about America.

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Nothing "fair" about Kathleen Wynne Liberals

Jun 6, 2017 5:00 AM
Scott Thompson

The key word Kathleen Wynne is trying to distract you with lately is “fair”.

That’s the new Liberal spin word.

We have seen her Fair Hydro Plan to spread the high cost of her energy “mistake” over the next 29 years to the next generation.

There’s the Fair Housing Plan, the Fair Workplaces and Better Jobs Plan.

Raising the minimum wage is all about being ‘fair’, so everyone can survive while working at a drive thru, rather than a government that creates good jobs we can actually advance in.

There is nothing fair about this old tired Liberal provincial government who has neglected our kids, their education, their healthcare, jobs and the economy, in favour of an overzealous self-inflicted electricity “mistake” that simply did NOT have to cost us this much.

It’s not about being green. It’s about their lack of due diligence when it comes to spending your money.

Where has the fairness been over the past 14 years this party has been in power?

What has happened since then, that now they must be ‘fair????”

Compared to what? Themselves?

Are they suggesting they have been unfair with us up until now?

The smoke and mirrors continue.


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