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October 2016

Is Wynne finally admitting her activism is too costly for Ontarians?

Oct 20, 2016 5:00 AM
Scott Thompson

As you are now well aware, we have a crisis in Ontario when it comes to energy poverty, specifically the never-ending increases in the cost of electricity in this province.

The past and present Liberals governments have been using green energy as a means to generate revenue for their inefficient programs that do more to fill their coffers then they do help the environment.

It was a Scarborough by-election where the hot topic was soaring electricity prices rather than the sex ed curriculum that turned the tables.

Premier Wynne has recently gone into a ‘defense mode’ about face, calling you ‘bad actors’ on climate change.

They gave you a rebate on the provincial portion of the HST on your bill.

Remember when the energy minister boasted, the more prices rise, the more you save.

Then there was the Liberals petition against high rates started by the party that created them.

The cancelling of future green projects that are still years away that will decrease your bill another couple of bucks...

 Then yesterday, it has suddenly been announced (after years of multiple increases) the latest November increase that was set to raise your bill again in less than 2 weeks, has been scrapped.

What? Why now? Good luck following the shells in that game.

Is Wynne finally admitting this plan cannot sustain itself without bankrupting the province?

The sad part is they are doing nothing to make their green program any more efficient, they are merely trying to soften the blow of future increases with your own money.

That much we do know…

I’m Scott Thompson.


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It's just a clown!!!

Oct 19, 2016 5:00 AM
Scott Thompson

Why have we all of a sudden declared war on the clown?

Instead of fun, happiness and joy; the flower squirting, squeaky nose, character has become the villain.

Not that there is anything wrong with that.

Remember, it is Halloween!

The first memory I have of Halloween, I was dressed as a clown...

Not because it was freaky, scary and hip, but being the youngest, I was the only family member left that fit into the costume my mother sewed on her Singer.

This week Canadian Tire pulled its clown decorations from their stores after one social media mom complained it was horrific (or something like that).

Again, isn’t that the idea behind Halloween?

Am I missing something here?

Are there incidents where clowns are chasing hids with live chainsaws, machetes or even cattle prods?

Are there incidents of near death experiences or nuclear attacks at the hands of a clown in oversized shoes?

Then why are we treating a lifelong tradition as if it were ISIS?

Halloween, as it has for generations, requires safety, rules and parental supervision; and a big pillow case of common sense...

Don’t be scared!!!  For 99.9% of all clowns, it’s just pretend…

I’m Scott Thompson.


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Cleveland Indian debate

Oct 18, 2016 5:00 AM
Scott Thompson

The discussion around the use of native or aboriginal symbols as logos for sport teams is nothing new.

But it seems with every passing year there is less and less patience for it.

Hamilton Ticat Owner Bob Young said it best on my show when he echoed the sentiment of his black players who did not agree with the issue of flying the southern U.S. Confederate flag for fun and novelty.

You can actively debate both sides of the argument, but why would you want to fly a flag, (or do anything) that symbolizes pain for so many?

Isn’t there an alternative?

The same question must be asked in the Cleveland Indian debate.

If the use of such symbols inflicts pain on that group, than why bother?

But then it depends on who you ask.

And when asking if such symbols are offensive, why are we asking white people?

Should we not be asking that question to the group whose face is on the logo?

I’m Scott Thompson.


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