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August 2016

Okay, Blue Jays, let's play ball....

Aug 26, 2016 5:00 AM
Scott Thompson

Last night the family and I went to a Toronto Blue Jays game at the Rogers Centre.

I remember watching the team at the old Exhibition Stadium where when the ball went high the wind off of Lake Ontario would take it in a completely different direction.

I was also lucky enough to be at the then Skydome in 1993 when Joe Carter knocked it out of the park for the second World Series win in a row.

I will never forget the celebration outside the stadium.

I also remember the lean years that followed and going to a game when there was 15,000 people in the stands.

That sounds like a lot but not when the stadium holds close to 50,000.

So it was great to see over 46,000 at a Thursday night game against a bottom feeder like California.

It’s amazing the difference a winning team can make.

It’s also amazing how prices go up.

I got my first Blue Jay baseball cap from the Woolworths store I worked at when I was 16 for a couple of bucks.

Oddly enough it was a geeking looking old school original blue and white flat cap like my son just bought for $40.

Everything is the same, except the price.

I’m Scott Thompson


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What happens when Americans crash our shores...

Aug 25, 2016 5:00 AM
Scott Thompson

From our, “It’s always fun until somebody dies” department, comes a story out of Sarnia Ontario that is grabbing worldwide attention for their hospitality.

For over 30 years Pt Huron Michigan, across the Blue Water Bridge from Sarnia Ontario, hosts an unofficial event that attracts 1000’s every year.

It called the PT Huron Float Down where a very large group of “refreshed floaters” travel 8 miles (13km) down the trans-border shipping lane known as the St Clair River which eventually links Lake Huron to Erie.

It is not sanctioned by anyone as no one wants to be held responsible but that does not stop 1000’s from coming out despite authorities recommending otherwise.

Last Sundays event (which happens every third weekend in August) was right out of a bad Gilligan’s Island episode when the annual parade ran into some extremely windy weather.

In the end, about 1500 floaters were blown over to our country and had to be rescued by first responders on both sides of this international border.

The Mayor of Sarnia is appreciative of the thanks of hospitality coming his way from these U.S. recreational refugees.

However he isn’t happy about the $8000. his taxpayers will have to pay for getting these people safely to shore and back across the border without any ID, (or shirts).

He mused, if the tables were turned, how would 1500 floaters who drifted over from Canada to the U.S. be treated by Homeland Security?

He hopes with a nice free, warm, dry, bus ride home too, like Sarnia provided.

I’m Scott Thompson.


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Welcome to Canada - Are you carrying a gun?

Aug 24, 2016 10:28 AM
Scott Thompson

Here we are in the dog days of summer preparing for the last unofficial long weekend of the summer.

So it may seem odd that Monday Canadian Border Security Agency (CBSA) officials issued a press release gently reminding our beloved American neighbours, if coming north, to keep their heat at home.

The official CBSA campaign reminds visitors:

"Canadian laws are different than U.S. ones,"

“Canadian firearm laws are clear - failure to declare any firearm may lead to seizure action, penalty, prosecution in a court of law; and may make you inadmissible to Canada.

Your vehicle may also be seized and you will have to pay a penalty to get it back."

"We welcome our U.S. neighbours in Canada - to make your journey more pleasant, travel light and always remember to declare all goods with you."

Donald Trump wants to build a wall separating the U.S. and Mexico to keep out illegal immigrants.

Maybe Canada should build a wall  between the U.S.,,, to keep the guns out…

I’m Scott Thompson.


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Central Italy rocked by earthquake. 905-645-3221


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