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May 2016

#We the North

May 24, 2016 5:00 AM
Scott Thompson

Okay so I don’t pretend to be a big fan of the NBA, I started my Victoria Day long weekend with a blistering hot lap around Canadian Tire Motor Sports park in  670HP Roush Mustang.

But how can anyone who ever played the game of basketball (even riding the pine as did through high school) or watches, not get caught up in the character that has become the Toronto Raptors.

Most wrote the team off when LeBron and the Cavaliers handed the Raptors their heads on a platter during the first 2 games in Cleveland.

But us Canucks quickly learned how important, and technical, that last 2 minutes of a pro basketball game is and what makes it some of the most exciting sport in the world.

We all know how much the crowd affects the home team and Canada’s adoption of the Raptors makes Jurassic Park and the A.C.C. some of the most feared territory in the league.

The end result, the first 2 games don’t matter, and we are tied at 2.

Not saying the rest is in the bag but the last two games were impressive, and at the very least, has exposed the Raptors to a new legion of fans.

And the NBA has realized, there is more to ‘we the north’ than a t shirt worn by Drake.

I’m Scott Thompson.


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A hot lap around Canadian Tire Motorsports Park

May 20, 2016 5:00 AM
Scott Thompson

If you are a sports fan there is nothing better than going to a professional live event.

Most dream of what it would be like to take a shot, swing a bat, and catch a pass at their favourite classic venue with the pros.

I had one of those rare opportunities yesterday when I had chance to take a hot lap around the road course at Canadian Tire Motorsports Park, aka Mosport.

Nate Stacy from Oklahoma who races in the Pirelli World Challenge took me for a blistering lap in his Roush Mustang GT 350.

As I was being strapped in I was informed he was just 16 and had recently got his driver’s license.

Thank goodness he was racing before he could walk.

I asked if I could video the ride.

He said I could try but could not be responsible if my phone flew out the window and into the turn 10 wall.

By the first turn I had to drop it into my fire suite to hang onto the roll cage.

The course is very hilly and you could feel the car drop out from underneath you as you dove into a corner.

As we crested the Mario Andretti straightway the car was still picking speed only to nose dive into the S corners, the shoulder belts pulling you back into the seat.

When I climbed out I could barely walk straight from the G-force and was sweating profusely.

…And that’s why racin’ is as exciting as sex, and oddly enough, a lap in both takes about the same time.

Racing starts this long weekend at Canadian Tire Motorsports Park with the Victoria Day Speedfest Weekend.

I’m Scott Thompson.


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Why do Wynne Liberals squeeze healthcare and give teachers unions millions?

May 19, 2016 5:00 AM
Scott Thompson

While our nurses, doctors and patients are getting squeezed in the health care system, the Wynne Liberal’s continue to dole out millions of dollars to teachers unions that could be going to our kids or healthcare.

I don’t get it.

I know our kids are our future, but how can you bend over so far for the teachers unions, while screwing the healthcare system royally.

Are our nurses and doctors not as important, if not more, than our teachers?

In what the Liberals said was a one-time deal they gave the teachers unions millions to help them with negotiating costs during their last labour disruption where they held our kids hostage.

Isn’t that the union’s responsibility? Apparently so because the education minister says, no more.

The Liberals worst enemy and our hero is the Auditor General.

Bonnie Lysyk said in her report released this week, the Liberals have given teachers unions $80 million since 2000, including $22 million with “no strings attached”.

So much for the one time deal.

Apparently this is legal, but certainly doesn’t make it right or explain why.

It seem as bizarre as weening the province off of clean natural gas for their costly electricity schemes.

Grandma has lost her way…..

I’m Scot Thompson.




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