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January 2015

Forget the New Years resolution!

Jan 28, 2015 5:00 AM
Scott Thompson

January is normally the time of year when we look to the future and resolutions that will enhance our lives.

Working out, quitting smoking, losing weight, divorce, it can all be a catalyst to a new beginning.

So just in time for that life changing experience is the devil that hopes to deprive us of our goals.

This year it is called the KFC Double Down Dog.

A new greasy dish served up by the Colonel himself incorporating his traditional deep fried bird with the fan favourite tube steak.

Yes you got that right.

A hot dog wrapped in a friend chicken bun covered with cheese.

The only thing missing is the bacon.

No, that was last year’s Double Down, don’t you remember?

The good news for our already strapped healthcare system is, it is only available in the Philippines.

The bad news, they’re selling out.

I’m Scott Thompson.


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"LRT must connect to Go." At least we can agree on that!

Jan 27, 2015 5:00 AM
Scott Thompson

Have you noticed that it seems to be quite difficult for our premier Wynne to utter the letters LRT?

Early yesterday afternoon we broke news that Mayor Fred Eisenberger said Premier Wynne promised Hamilton full funding of LRT in a meeting.

However when she addressed the media later in the afternoon she didn’t use the term LRT.

She said they are committed to full funding of rapid transit, but did not mention LRT.

The cost difference between the two is substantial.

However, Fred added, the province has also signalled that it wants Hamilton to integrate LRT with GO, likely via a spur from the proposed B-line to the James North station.

So one thing we can agree on is the Premier did say what I have been saying since this whole discussion started, whatever it is, it MUST connect to the new GO system.

Why didn’t city council figure that out before it voted on an East/West line that only connected Eastgate Square with McMaster?

Why wasn’t connectivity to the GO part of the discussion until now?

It’s this lack of vision and due diligence at city council that scares me.

I’m Scott Thompson.


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Why won’t Wynne say ‘LRT’? Does it matter if Mayor does?  905-645-3221








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Will Mayor and Premier talk about transit, or a split council?

Jan 26, 2015 10:26 AM
Scott Thompson

Hamilton Mayor Fred Eisenberger is meeting with Ontario premier Kathleen Wynne today.

What do you think the chances are of either one coming out of the meeting with anything more to say than vague generalities and promises to talk again?

City Hall said transit would be on the agenda but failed to add anything more.

I’m not sure what we are expecting to happen and I highly doubt they’ll be writing a blank cheque for transit funding.

The CBC asked the Mayor if the visit would need to address a possibly strained relationship between the two parties left behind by former mayor Bob Bratina.

I’d be far more concerned with the stained relationship left behind from yet another split down the middle council vote that has most wondering how we can manage BRT or an LRT when we can’t even manage a bus lane?

But call me crazy!

Talk is good, but sometimes cheap.

I have a feeling Premier Wynne will spend more time questioning the Mayor about a split, indecisive council that sends mixed messages, than opening her purse.

I’m Scott Thompson.


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The Mayor and the Premier will meet today. Will tomorrow be any different?  905-645-3221

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