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March 2017

LRT, a leap of faith for some

Mar 29, 2017 5:00 AM
Scott Thompson

We can argue until the cows come home and we still will never know all the answers to everyone’s LRT questions until we get farther along in the process.

If you have ever built anything you know, until you can come up with a complete itemized list of everything you need to complete the job, you can never guarantee the price of the project.

That’s why a contractor will start by asking how much do you want to spend and then hopefully keep it within that range, while providing you with you asked for.

LRT is the same thing but on a much bigger scale.

How can you provide final cost until you have sourced the final product?

How can you determine the final cost of operation until the project is complete and in use?

Yes there are projections, but there are always challenges along the way.

In the end, you prepare as best you can, and move ‘forward’.

You never progress, or learn, if you stand still.

I’d rather try and fail, then to have never tried.

Isn’t that where that whole ‘Ambitious City’ thing came from?

I’m Scott Thompson.

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Is America winning yet?

Mar 27, 2017 5:00 AM
Scott Thompson

Donald Trump lost his first big presidential battle last week, on health care, when his own party refused to vote for his ‘Trumpcare’ plan scrapping a campaign promise to abolish ‘Obamacare’.

It seems even members of his Republican Party don’t want to take away the plan that Obama started, leaving U.S. citizens without healthcare.

But what is truly shocking is Donald Trump had the audacity to blame this on the Democrats.

How do you blame the opposition for the way your members vote, especially when you have a majority?

He cannot even persuade his own party to support his plan, and he expects the opposition to do so?

Where is that logic?

That is like Prime Minister Justin Trudeau introducing something that even his own Liberal majority rejects, then blaming it on the Conservatives.

I guess it does partially explain how some can be so brainwashed by others, until even the truth does not count.

Maybe Donald Trump is the ‘fake’ he has accused everybody else of being...

It’s too bad he has let his personality get in the way of the great opportunity his supporters have given him, to truly make American great again.

I’m Scott Thompson.


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Are they running for their lives?

Mar 22, 2017 5:00 AM
Scott Thompson

A new Reuter/IPSO poll reveals nearly half of all Canadians (48%) believe illegal immigrants crossing into Canada from the United States should be sent back to the U.S.

We all know every case is different and should be evaluated on its own merit.

But our country is filled with stories of immigrants who came here legally from all over the world, played by the rules, and created a good life for themselves and society.

The line forms to the right every year, as we welcome over 250,000 doing the same thing.

To give those who have jumped the que special opportunity is un Canadian.

We have to remember these people are welcome in America and have permission to be there.

They may be running from the Trump politics of the day, but they are not running for their lives as refugees are.

Here ‘s hoping soon PM Justin Trudeau will provide some money and responsible leadership, as well as just open arms, and a selfie...   

I’m Scott Thompson.


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