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March 2017

Are they running for their lives?

Mar 22, 2017 5:00 AM
Scott Thompson

A new Reuter/IPSO poll reveals nearly half of all Canadians (48%) believe illegal immigrants crossing into Canada from the United States should be sent back to the U.S.

We all know every case is different and should be evaluated on its own merit.

But our country is filled with stories of immigrants who came here legally from all over the world, played by the rules, and created a good life for themselves and society.

The line forms to the right every year, as we welcome over 250,000 doing the same thing.

To give those who have jumped the que special opportunity is un Canadian.

We have to remember these people are welcome in America and have permission to be there.

They may be running from the Trump politics of the day, but they are not running for their lives as refugees are.

Here ‘s hoping soon PM Justin Trudeau will provide some money and responsible leadership, as well as just open arms, and a selfie...   

I’m Scott Thompson.


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Donald Trump: The boy that cries wolf!

Mar 21, 2017 5:00 AM
Scott Thompson

How does America (and the world) deal with a president who they cannot trust to tell the truth?

How do they deal with a president who keeps the country in a constant state of confusion?

Yesterday FBI Director James Comey was instructed by the Department of Justice to clarify a couple of questions.

His answer was,

-The FBI is investigating Russian interference with the U.S. Election and also investigating whether Donald Trump or his posse was involved.

-Also, There is no evidence to suggest former President Barack Obama “wiretapped” Trump Tower as the president accused in a Tweet.

Presidential Press Secretary Sean Spicer said the President will not apologize for his unproven comments claiming the investigation is ongoing, which it is.

I guess, assuming there will eventually be proof Trump was ‘wire tapped’ by Obama and he will be cleared of the Russian accusations.

No matter who you believe, we must remember.

Trump is now president. He is the boss.  He can no longer say ‘they’ are out to get him. He is ‘they’.

He is now leader of the swamp he was going to clear.

He has ALL the answers to ALL the questions and confusion he creates. He is running the show!

Sooner or later he will have to take responsibility for his actions and what comes out of his lose mouth.

Until then, he is just another spoiled entertainer who cries wolf.

I’m Scott Thompson.


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Bye Bye Johnny B. Goode

Mar 20, 2017 5:00 AM
Scott Thompson

This past weekend one of the pioneers of rock n’ roil died.

Legendary rocker Chuck Berry passed away at age 90.

He shaped pop music for decades influencing everyone from the Beatles to Rolling Stones and Bruce Springsteen.

I remember hearing my first Chuck Berry song (Johnny B. Goode) as a kid 20 years after it was a hit.

Instead of being like most kids following the trend of the day, I was going backwards deeper into rhythm and blues and the infancy of the genre.

I was lucky enough to see him live when he was still in his prime and commanded an audience like the icon he was.

When being inducted into the Rock n’ Roll hall of fame in 1987 a modest Berry said,

“It’s not me to toot my horn.” “The minute you toot your horn, it seems like society will try and disconnect your battery.

And if you do not toot your horn, they’ll try their darnedest to give you a horn to toot, or say that you should have a horn.”

“It’s them that creates the demand, so let them toot the horn.”

Wise words we could all learn from.

I’m Scott Thompson.


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