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September 2016

Are we, and our PM, secure?

Sep 30, 2016 5:00 AM
Scott Thompson

I am a fan of the selfie.

Not to brag, but I was doing selfies years ago with film cameras where you only got one shot to make the magic happen!

For me it has always been about capturing the moment in time as opposed to, look at me next to this or them.

Celebrity selfies are a totally different animal and we forcing us to ask ourselves what is the fine line between political leader and celebrity.

PM Trudeau recently took selfie with an individual who is under RCMP investigation for their involvement in the kidnapping of two American journalists in Syria in 2013 linked to Al Qaeda.

How do Canadians feel about their PM taking a selfie with a suspected terrorist?

That onion has many layers but let’s just look at his security and wellbeing.

Whatever your  political views, no one wants any one put in harm’s way.

I’m not sure someone is at fault here but it does drive home the reality of the times we live in and the access we all have.

If we’re questioning how secure the PM is, should we be questioning his attention to our security?

I’m Scott Thompson.


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Ticat Stadium another Hamilton missed opportunity

Sep 29, 2016 5:00 AM
Scott Thompson

Yesterday I was fortunate enough to attend a Toronto FC game on their home turf...

We boarded the GO Train at this end and then took it all the way in to the stadium at BMO field.

The doors opened and festivities began the moment we got off the train.

What an incredibly convenient experience.

I couldn’t help but think this is exactly what Mayor Fred Eisenberger and progressive Hamilton envisioned with the LRT.

What must it be like for the Ticat executive to stand at the site of the former Rheem plant and watch their missed opportunity pass them by every day?

The new GO station and James St development is a spit away from where they could’ve been, but instead settled for the same old, same old, Hamilton.

It is that same ‘old boy’ mentality that is asking for a referendum on LRT.

You can either take advantage of opportunity, or let it pass you by.

Hamilton has a tremendous history, of the latter.

I’m Scott Thompson.


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Why is Wynne cancelling some green energy plans?

Sep 28, 2016 5:00 AM
Scott Thompson

You remember the provincial Liberals lost a by-election in Scarborough over high electricity rates?

You remember the premiere prorogued government and then came out with a rebate on electricity for the provincial portion of the HST?

You remember the energy minister saying, on my show, the higher your rates soar the bigger your savings are?

You remember we told you about the Liberal petition you can sign if you’re for lower electricity rates, by petitioning the same government who created them?

Now that same government is cancelling some green energy plans in a bid to save $3.8 billion.

Oddly enough, that’s exactly what you and the opposition party has been calling on for years.

But wait for the reason.

Just like Premier Wynne finally realized you were upset about your soaring electricity bill, apparently she has just discovered that we have more than enough power for the at least the next decade.

So no need bankrupt us all for her activism.

How do you just realize that, doesn’t that require planning and due diligence?

We have been selling power at a loss for years, are they finally realizing their plan is a failure and there are much more efficient ways to hit the same targets?

The spin this party has, blows the Donald Trump campaign out of the water...

By the way, the average savings?

$2.45 a month.

I’m Scott Thompson.


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