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September 2014

Young entrepreneur shut down

Sep 17, 2014 5:00 AM
Scott Thompson

A high school student in Lethbridge Alberta was suspended last week for selling non-diet soft drinks to his peers out of his locker.

This is better than selling beer to golfers from hidden in the bushes along the back nine.  I knew a couple of buddies who tried that in high school.

The school has ‘no pop’ rule and the young entrepreneur was warned several times to shut he operation down.

The school has banned non-diet soft drinks as part of their board nutritional plan.  He sold out his first case in minutes.

After failing to comply he was suspended, not so much for selling the pop, but refusing to follow the rules repeatedly.

His mother thinks he’s a genius and doesn’t know what all the fuss is about, clearly she didn’t see the Wall Street movies.

Do you get the feeling someday he’ll be a CEO and we’ll all be working for HIM?

Not because he’s a breaker of the rules, but because he’s got the guts to think outside the box.

Or in this case, can.

I’m Scott Thompson.


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We need more to drink at new stadium

Sep 16, 2014 5:00 AM
Scott Thompson


The new Ivor Wynne Stadium a.k.a. Tim Horton’s Field and CIBC Pam Am Stadium, does not have public water fountains for drinking?

Who built this place? 

Certainly not a Hamiltonian, because a Hamiltonian would know the history of the water fountain in this great city.

Do they not know Hamilton’s ‘shorty greens’ were the first public drinking fountains in all of Canada?

The fountains were about a metre tall with a green base and silver bowl offering a continuous supply of fresh drinking water.

At one time there were 116 of them spread across the city.

Hamilton was also the first city in Canada to provide water fountains in schools instead of the usual communal cup that spread disease.

Okay so it may not be the diphtheria days of the early 1900’s, but you still need an option when you don’t make it to the bar in time because you couldn’t remember when in the game they stopped serving booze.

Thank God we discovered this design flaw in time!

I’m Scott Thompson.


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ISIS = Hell!

Sep 15, 2014 5:00 AM
Scott Thompson

After we experienced the events of 9/11 many wondered what could possibly be next?

What was a group, that had no regard for human life, going to do next.

What does a terrorist do to top that ?

War has become terror.  And although terror can be waged on a much smaller scale, it still evokes as much fear.

It wasn’t that long ago the countries we are now allies with, we were waging war against, post 9/11.

How can that be?

When the new enemy is even worse than the old.

When the Taliban says that ISIS are barbaric, you’d better pay attention.

If there can be an good come out of yet another beheading, perhaps its unified the rest of the world in  determining exactly what hell is.

I’m Scott Thompson.


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