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June 2016

Blame UK separation on politicans

Jun 27, 2016 5:00 AM
Scott Thompson

Within 24 hours of voting to leave the European Union, millions in the U.K. had signed a petition asking the government for another, in hope of reversing the decision.

Good luck with that….

Younger UK’ers will suffer the most as they now have 27 less countries to find employment in due to this decision.

That along with a plunging economy, and pound, leave little hope for the future of this already depressed part of the world.

With less than 2% of the vote their world has unraveled, and their future uncertain.

This is what happens when you hold a referendum that is often promised by crafty politicians to get elected.

People vote with passion, anger and little knowledge or common sense, in judging the gravity of their situation.

Simply put, the average person is not qualified to make such a decision, which is why we elect leaders.

I blame this on politicians who have ignored the public’s pleas for change, and then throw the tough decisions on the back of the electorate, when leaders do not have the courage to do the right thing.

I’m Scott Thompson.


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Wynne uses green movement to line their own pockets

Jun 24, 2016 5:00 AM
Scott Thompson

Would you pay $60 a month to drive in an HOV lane by yourself?

The Wynne Liberal government is betting you will.

Starting this fall you can drive the stretch of HOV lane between Burlington and Oakville as a single occupant if you purchase a permit at 180. for 3 months.

The 1000 permits will be offered in a lottery system because the demand for these gold tickets will greater than that for a Tragically Hip ticket. (So they say)

Remember when HOV lanes were introduced?

It was all about saving the environment for our grand kids, encouraging car-pooling, and getting more cars off the road…

What started as a plan to save the environment, has become nothing more than a cash grab.

Forget the environment, if you can afford to pay, use the lane!

No wonder Ontarians are skeptical about Wynne’s Climate Change Action Plan and the rest of her green initiatives.

More proof this government uses the green movement, not to save the environment, but to line their own pockets.

I’m Scott Thompson.


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St. Thomas More misses life lesson

Jun 23, 2016 5:00 AM
Scott Thompson

What is the purpose of high school sports? To win, or teach life lessons?

St. Thomas More Catholic Secondary School senior boys’ soccer team was playing Bishop Tonnos when a dusk up ensues and both goalies are red carded which entails a one game suspension.

St. Thomas More wins and moves on in the championship.

However the referee makes a mistake and lists the substitute goalie as being suspended instead of the penalized first string goalie, as goalies do not require numbers.

This was not a questionable call on the pitch, this was a clerical mistake.

No one at St Thomas More said a word about the mistake and the suspended goalie was allowed to play in the next game he was supposed to be suspended from, while his substitute serves his penalty on the sidelines.

More wins that game and advances to the final, where they lose, to claim the silver.

That was the best the school has done, beamed coaches.

It does make one wonder if they had of been honest, if they may have won gold?

My 8 year old boy thinks so.

I’m Scott Thompson


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