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October 2015

Has Harper pulled a Hudak???

Oct 9, 2015 5:00 AM
Scott Thompson

As the federal election campaigns heads down the home stretch get ready for some crazy politics.

Some will say it’s become a 2 way race but with numbers so close, it’s still anyone’s game.

It’s not a case of who wins it, but who loses it.

We’re seeing this happened to Thomas Mulcair in Quebec and now Harpers never ending desire to jump the shark.

He had support with his initial stand on the nicab but once he ramped it up to include Canadian born citizens losing their birthright, or banning the nicab from the civil service, people are questioning his motives.

Last time I checked these weren’t big problems.

But clearly he saw support there and is now beating it too death.

It’s now obvious he is playing it too far and starting to feel the backlash.

It’s like when everyone was looking for an alternative to Wynne’s provincial Liberals and Hudak announced he was going to fire 100,000 civil servants.

It was at that point he drove a stake through the heart of his campaign effectively killing it.

Harper may be on his way to doing the same….

I'm Scott Thompson.


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The strikes, are clearly, not for the kids

Oct 8, 2015 5:00 AM
Scott Thompson

There are so many unions affecting your kid’s school year it is hard to tell one from the other, and which job action is whose?

You have all heard about teachers, support staff and custodial strikes that have seen locked doors left open, breakfast programs and extracurricular activities cancelled, and dirty schools.

 At any given time it is hard to keep track which punishment your kid is receiving and from what union.

You have no doubt heard that Halton Schools have chosen not to lock their doors.

This despite the teacher’s premier, Dalton McGuinty, spending millions of dollars on a safe schools program after the carnage at Sandy Hook that saw students murdered in class.

I guess that doesn’t matter if you’re on strike.

But for one Halton school to post a sign that reads, “This door is unlocked between 8:00-3:30. Please enter and sign in at office” is just absurd.

Does this sign protect our kids? Do we have to highlight to the everyone that the school is wide open and the locked buzzer system is temporarily deactivated due to a strike? 

What purpose does this serve?

One thing is certain, despite what the unions preach, it’s clearly not for the kids anymore!

I’m Scott Thompson.


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Trade means long term jobs and growth

Oct 7, 2015 5:00 AM
Scott Thompson

Does anyone get riled up anymore when we hear the term free trade?
In the 1990’s when we were hammering out the North American Free Trade Agreement many thought Canada would collapse.
Not so.. In fact it has positioned us nicely and better able to compete internationally years later when the Tran Pacific Partnership surfaced.
You don’t have to travel far to realize the countries that produce and trade are more prosperous than those who try to protect their industry locally.
If you can’t compete beyond those in your hood, you’re hardly competing.
Reason being, everyone produces more than they consume. The rest they trade.
Does it mean industry will change, it certainly does.
But we’ve all seen what happens when industry does not evolve.
Canada needs to become innovative again and sell it worldwide.
Trade means expanding markets and long term jobs.
And there is no choice, no matter the political party, because you can't stop the world from progress.
I’m Scott Thompson.

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