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April 2014

Liberals change tune on full funding; means NO LRT for Hamiton

Apr 17, 2014 5:00 AM
Scott Thompson

City Councillors are asking for a meeting with Ontario’s Liberal Minister of Transportation after Glen Murray ruffled some feathers during an interview with Bill Kelly on CHML earlier this week.

Murray indicated that the province needs Hamilton to roll up its sleeves and come to the table for talks in regards to light rail transit funding.

He suggested the province needs, “something a little more clear from Hamilton than to pay for it all”.

Wait a second, hasn’t Hamilton city council been very clear on this from the get go, that they were in, if the province paid the bill?

Why is the province now changing its tune?

Councillor Brad Clark says the city has not received any notice of a meeting on the issue and the city has done everything the province has asked for.

Yet Clark says, “The ministister stated very clearly that the reason LRT has not moved forward is that Hamilton doesn’t have its act together and puts the blame on us”

This is more smoke and mirrors from the Liberal government now backing out of what it initially promised.

Further proof the Liberals do not have the money for Hamilton’s LRT, and probably never did, but are trying to blame it on an incompetent city council who can’t get its act together.

Which makes you ask the question, how are they going to pay for the rest of promises they’ve made?

In the end, this says no LRT for Hamilton.  This Liberal government has become a joke!

I’m Scott Thompson.


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Wynne's side show distractions

Apr 16, 2014 5:00 AM
Scott Thompson

Ontario's governing Liberals said yesterday they'll table their crucial budget on May 1.  What a surprise!

Oddly enough this was at the same time the province's top civil servant was set to testify about the alleged wiping of hard drives in the premier's office that destroyed emails about the $1 billion gas plant scandal.

Also same day Mother Wynne announced she is going ahead with a liable lawsuit against the conservatives for suggesting she was part of the gas plant scandal.

The lawsuit stems from Progressive Conservative Leader Tim Hudak’s comments late last month suggesting that Kathleen Wynne “possibly ordered” the alleged destruction of government documents.

A spokeswoman for Wynne said a statement of claim was delivered to Hudak, Progressive Conservative MP Lisa MacLeod and the PC Ontario Fund yesterday.

The premier’s office says the suit will not be pursued further if the Progressive Conservatives apologize and retract their comments, but that didn’t happen.

Between announcements regarding transit and transportation upgrades, that will happen 10 years from now and no mention of how they plan to pay for it, and lawsuits; it seems as if the Liberals are pulling out all the stops to drag your attention away from their many scandals and over spending blunders.

Is it working, or are you smarter than that?

I’m Scott Thompson.


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Why is Wynne just now giving gas tax funds for transportion upgrades? Where has the money gone for the last 11 years?

Apr 15, 2014 5:00 AM
Scott Thompson

Premier Kathleen Wynne is continuing her smoke and mirrors magic act in a dire attempt to fool you again, for another 10 years!

Yesterday it was lunch bag let down all over again, with nothing more than a tease on how she expects to pay for upgrades to transportation infrastructure, her very government should have been addressing over 10 years ago.

The governing Liberals are promising more money on new transit and transportation infrastructure in Ontario over the next decade, but you’ll have to wait until election time to hear the dirty details.

They say they are going to help pay for this by finally handing over $1.3 billion in taxes collected on gasoline and the HST every year to help pay for it. 

That’s about how much they blew on the cancelled gas plants fiasco.

My first question is, why now?

What have you been doing with all that money for that last 11 years your government has been in power?

How come you are now finally using gas tax to pay for transportation infrastructure upgrades?

As expected, they are also going to now start charging you for the HOV lane you gave up to save the environment by car-pooling.

Screw the environment, soon any rich person who pays can use the lane with just one person in the car?

So now you’re telling us this whole car-pooling thing was just a sham until you could start taxing us for it?

When are Ontarians finally going to wake up?

I’m Scott Thompson.




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