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October 2014

How to increase voter turn out

Oct 30, 2014 5:00 AM
Scott Thompson

It’s almost hilarious, if it wasn’t so sad, to hear a couple of members of city council actually trying to justify (or better yet trying to find a solution) to the pathetic low voter turnout for the election.

One even suggested a study needs to be done to see if paying people to vote would help.

Let’s look at what we know.

Where was the greatest turnout in the city for the election?

In the wards where there was no incumbent running.

Not only that, we also saw the largest and most qualified groups of candidates in those wards with no incumbent.

Rather than wasting more public dollars to hold another study that leads to nothing, why not simply do the obvious.

Remove the incumbent with term limits and watch the candidates and voters fall from the heavens.

By bringing both the city council and the voting system into this century, perhaps we can encourage more young people to get engaged, shoving out the lifers.

The current generation of Hamiltonians are screwed, but perhaps we can change it for our kids.

I’m Scott Thompson.


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Can Mayor Bob Bratina win for Justin Trudeau’s Liberals as MP?  905-645-3221






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Only 34% of Hamilton even bothered to vote...

Oct 29, 2014 5:00 AM
Scott Thompson

I have received a few emails like this one in the last few days.


It was pretty amazing how Hamilton lined the streets in thousands for Corporal Cirillo's funeral procession, yet the day before, most did NOT vote!  The very thing he died for!!

Hamilton voter turnout in the very midst of this tragedy was one of the worst...34% is so sad!

I find this completely unacceptable! 

How can you lay flowers everywhere...wave and sign our flag and not go to a ballot box??

I did more than anything for this young man...I VOTED!   Shame on those who didn't!  (66%..WOW!!)



Some will blame the politicians, but isn’t that just passing the buck?

Unfortunately I also saw a tweet condemning me for drawing a parallel between the fallen soldiers and voting.

Tracy is right.

I’m Scott Thompson.


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How do we get more than 34% of Hamiltonians to vote in an election?  905-645-3221





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We honour Corp. Nathan Cirillo

Oct 27, 2014 9:31 PM
Scott Thompson

Today we honour the life of Corp. Nathan Cirillo.

The out pouring of emotion from all over the world has been heartwarming to say the least.

Whether it was Americans singing our national anthem at hockey games (when no Canadian teams played) or the countless who lined the highway of heroes, the world is watching and grieving with Hamilton.

People will have differing opinions on what happened and what the cause was.

What no one disagrees with is that Nathan Cirillo was a great guy.

Whether it was his co-horts at the Armory, or friends he grew up with, all report he was an outstanding individual.

The images of he and his boy, and pets, are forever ingrained in our memories.

He solidifies what people in this city are all about.

Hard working, real, and always looking out for those who may need a hand.

Hamilton can be nothing but proud of Corp. Nathan Cirillo, as is the rest of the country.

I’m Scott Thompson.


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Saying goodbye to Corp. Nathan Cirillo. 905-645-3221


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