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July 2017

Khadr payout hard for Canadians to swallow

Jul 5, 2017 5:00 AM
Scott Thompson

We are now hearing the details of a deal reached between Omar Khadr and the Government of Canada.

The Supreme Court ruled the Canadian government did not do enough to protect the then teen from mistreatment at the notorious Guantanamo Bay U.S. military prison camp in Cuba.

He was lead a stray by his radical father to fight for the Taliban in Afghanistan and by 15 was lobbing grenades at U.S. soldiers.

One of them killing US army medic Sgt Christopher Speer.

After 10 years in incarceration, Khadr sued the Canadian government.

The end result is a formal government apology and just over $10 million from the country he calls home.

There are many minds much bigger than mine that say this is fair compensation from a country that prides itself as a leader in human rights.

But with that pride often comes the reality, the criminal is treated better than the victims and their families.

And considering a soldiers risk and reward for fighting these barbarians, and the cost one U.S. soldier paid, Canadians may find this ‘sunny ways’ payout very hard to swallow.

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Canada 150 history, now what???

Jul 4, 2017 5:00 AM
Scott Thompson

The pomp and circumstance came to a head this past weekend when Canada celebrated its 150 birthday.

Are you suffering from a Canada 150 hang over? Do you have the post 150 blues?

What do we do now that the party is over and everyone’s gone home?

What do we look forward to, 151?

It kind of like celebrating your 50th birthday.

There’s lots of hoopla, friends, lots of mile stone memories for a while but then what?

Waiting for 60, and a senior’s discount?

Hardly something to get you out of bed in the morning.

I guess it’s similar to the lull after the Christmas holiday.

At least with 150 there’s no weight gain, or stress from a big Visa bill waiting it the wings.

Although your natural gas bill did go up as per schedule.

I’m Scott Thompson.

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June 2017

Happy 150! Are you seeing red & white?

Jun 30, 2017 10:00 AM
Scott Thompson

This weekend we celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday.

Have you noticed an abundance of red and white popping up in your neighbourhood? I hope so.

Reluctantly, Canadians are slowly raising flags and getting in the mood for a sesqui centennial celebration.

With Canadians being a little more modest it seems we need more coaxing to show our colours and wave our flag.

If this was America acknowledging such an occasion the streets would be lined with red, white and blue.

I am old enough to vaguely remember our 100th birthday back in 1967.

In kindergarten we all received a commemorative pin of the centennial maple leaf.

Thanks to my mother, who never throws out anything, I still have it in the original government packaging.

I showed it to my kids and told them they will remember this Canada Day celebrating 150 years, just like I did, remembering 100.

This is a great opportunity for all generations to acknowledge how blessed we all are to live in Canada.

I’m Scott Thompson.

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