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May 2017

Happy May 2-4, eh?

May 19, 2017 5:00 AM
Scott Thompson

Ah the May 2-4 weekend, aka Victoria Day.

The name is as unique as the country.

Where else do they describe a holiday weekend by drawing a comparison to a case of beer?

The day is to mark the birth of Queen Victoria born on May 24th 1819 at Kensington Palace, UK.

It is celebrated here and in Scotland on the 3rd Monday preceding May 25th.

But more importantly it signifies the unofficial start of summer in Canada.

After a winter of cold cabin fever it is when we shed a layer of clothing and rediscover the great outdoors.

When watching playoff hockey moves out to the backyard, patio, porch, cottage or pool deck.

Some years only to quickly retreat in a swarm of black flies, mosquitoes, freezing rain or snow.

The Victoria Day weekend is as Canadian as back bacon, beaver tails, and winter BBQ’s.

Have a safe one.

To the Queen!

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What about education, healthcare, jobs and the economy?

May 18, 2017 5:00 AM
Scott Thompson

The province has announced a new electric vehicle discovery centre in Toronto where you can learn about and test drive electric vehicles.

The Liberals have given $1 million in taxpayer money to fund the project with the hopes of encouraging you to go electric.

The opposition says Ontarians can find the information they need at a nearby car dealership.

I think most Canadians are green and want to preserve the planet for the next generation.

But I also think most Ontarians feel they have done more than their part, that’s over and above the overspending and electricity mistakes made by the Wynne Liberals.

What about education, healthcare, jobs, the economy?

Where’s the balance?

At what point does the wellbeing of the province come before Liberal activism and re-election schemes?

This isn’t a financial recession, a natural disaster, or immediate global threat; it’s a self-made electricity crisis from a government that’s been in power for 14 years with no cost analysis or financial plan.

That’s why their loan is being punted to the next generation. They goofed.

And we’re supposed to buy into their ‘cap & trade’ plan?

It will be nice for Ontarians to someday focus on something positive, instead of our self-inflicted rising energy costs.

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Liberals pointing fingers at others, instead of their own policy

May 17, 2017 5:00 AM
Scott Thompson

You know you are a political party in trouble when you’re spending more time pointing the finger at your opponents rather than trying to sell your own policy, especially when you have a majority.

On Monday I received a press release from the provincial Liberals with the headline:

“NDP to Vote against Lowering Electricity Bills-Andrea Horwath wants to deny Ontarians up to 40-50% off bills”

No, I would suggest, her party has their own plan to provide relief and does not need to hitch their horse to the Liberals energy “mistake”.

On Tuesday I received a press release from the provincial Liberals with the headline:

“Patrick Brown is still the man with no plan-Policy promised 76 days ago still nowhere in sight”

The last time I checked the provincial election was still over a year away.

Why would he get in the way of the Liberals self-destruction, which shows no signs of stopping?

Clearly Wynne’s electricity re-finance isn’t sitting well with Ontarians, especially when a leaked Liberal document the same day, reveals the projected costs of the extended loan.

So rather than fix their problems, the provincial Liberals are merely trying distract us from the obvious.

However, when you have been in power as long as they have, every mistake is theirs.


Liberal Caucus Service Bureau

For Immediate Release

May 15, 2017

NDP to Vote Against Lowering Electricity Bills

Andrea Horwath wants to deny Ontarians up to 40-50% off bills

(Queen’s Park) Today, NDP Leader Andrea Horwath announced her party would not support taking up to 40-50% off your electricity bills.

Despite Ontario's Fair Hydro Plan helping families, businesses, and farms across the province – including in Hamilton and surrounding communities– Horwath said the “NDP can’t and won’t vote in favour of this” during a press conference this morning.

This stunning admission should come as a shock to every Ontarian.

For months, the NDP have talked about the need to help families with the cost of electricity. Now, when given the chance to support a plan that would, if passed, cut electricity bills by 25 per cent on average for all residential households and up to 40-50 percent for low-income Ontarians and families in some rural and Northern communities, the NDP have turned their backs on those who need this help most.

Today’s decision is just another distraction from a party that knows their own proposal doesn’t pass the smell test. Their biggest idea – buying more than $4 billion worth of Hydro One shares on the stock market – will not take one cent off electricity bills. Other alleged savings rely on a vague, yet-to-be determined “expert panel” to be convened sometime in the future. And they’re banking on lengthy, uncertain negotiations with the federal government for supposed reductions as well.

The NDP’s back-of-the-napkin proposal simply isn’t good enough.

Compare this to Ontario’s proposed Fair Hydro Plan. By helping families now and into the future, ours is clearly a plan that makes sense. It's a shame the NDP have decided to vote against helping Ontario families and are playing politics instead.


For more information:



Liberal Caucus Service Bureau

For Immediate Release

May 16, 2017

Patrick Brown is still the man with no plan

Policy promised 76 days ago still nowhere in sight

[Queen’s Park] The man with no plan is now promising his party will not support taking 25% off your electricity bills either.

Despite knowing Ontario's Fair Hydro Plan will help families, businesses, and farms across the province, Patrick Brown claims he “can’t support it.”

This latest pledge comes 76 days after Patrick Brown first promised to release his own hydro plan “in the near future.” In a CHML interview on March 2nd, Brown first revealed the PC party would announce their plan “in the coming weeks.” The following day, he told the Barrie Examiner his hydro announcement would be coming “very shortly.” Then, on March 9th, Brown told reporters after his Toronto Region Board of Trade speech that he’d outline his plan “in the near future.”

Yet Ontarians are still being kept in the dark over two months later.

It’s time Patrick Brown and the Conservatives step up to the plate. Either they prove they have a plan or they support Ontario’s Fair Hydro Plan and the 25 per cent on average cut or all residential households and up to 40-50 percent cut for low-income Ontarians and families in some rural and Northern communities that comes with it.

Doing neither isn’t an option.


For more information:

(416) 325-9138

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